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La Parisienne – Sophie Marceau in “Une Rencontre”.


A few days ago my husband and I re-watched “Une Rencontre”, one of my favourite French movies. I love the story, but this time my full attention was on the main character Elsa played by Sophie Marceau and her fantastic costumes, which make a perfect introduction to the Parisian chic know-how.

Elsa is a Parisienne, a single mother of three who tries to balance her writer career with a family life and a somewhat complicated love life. In the movie we observe Elsa in many different situations – spending time with her teenage kids, attending parties, travelling, meeting friends. Her outfits are well adjusted to each situation, natural and nonchalant by day, sexy and feminine by night, all in perfect harmony with the character who is smart, independent, bit chaotic and charming. Sophie Marceau is very real as Elsa, you can almost believe she is an actual person whom you may accidentally spot when visiting Paris, because all about her seems to be so genuine – her hairstyle, clothes, smile, apartment… Elsa is comfortable in her own skin, conscious of her femininity and spontaneous, perhaps this is what makes Parisian women so intriguing, a harmony between body and spirit. If I ever encountered Elsa, I would definitely invite her for a glass of white wine, it would be great to sit together talking about style and her adventures.




Parisian Chic with Sandro.

I believe that being Parisian and living the Parisian look is one of the most common fashion fantasies that women from all around the world share. It is no wonder – French women inspire and impress with their sense of style, poise, allure, elegance and that special “something” that is difficult to define, but nonetheless noticeable. Some call it nonchalance, some call it effortlessness, but the fact remains – they are almost born with it, while the less fortunate not native to the City of Lights have yet to discover it. Some French brands have the inimitable French chic and can help with a quest on becoming more Parisian than… here you can supplement with words that come to mind when you think about yourself – Scandinavian, sensible, business like, grey, careful, …

Let’s take a look at Sandro Paris, an intriguing brand with a truly Parisian DNA. Their lookbook is almost a guidebook on how to dress in a Parisian way, being chic, modern and feminine, doing so in a comfortable and youthful way.


Clean Skincare with REN.

REN Clean Skincare

In some natural way beginning of a year brings reflection and sometimes a need for change. Making new year’s resolutions is still important for some and even if there is no promise that things will change when the clock strikes midnight, January is the time to make a conscious effort to start new, healthier and better. Beauty care is one of those areas where making a change can go a long way, not only for the body, but also for the mind. I used to be much less selective when it came to skin care, I bought products based on advert, price or a general attraction towards a brand or even a packaging. This resulted in total chaos, dry skin, dull hair and regular outbreaks on my face that weren’t related to nutritional or hormonal irregularities. I became more interested, tested new products and on my own skin discovered that there is a real difference between what you get off the shelf in your local drugstore from what you buy from a retailer specialising in organic beauty products. In this process of change one of the brands that made its way into my bathroom shelf is REN Clean Skincare.

REN Clean Skincare is a brand that comes from UK and goes back to 2000. Their mission is to offer a smarter skincare which delivers high performance visible results whilst always being on skin’s side, which means offering products free from toxic, harmful ingredients and striving to improve formulas continuously. REN offers products for the face as well as for the whole body, packaging is simple and designed to protect the product. With REN there are no unpleasant surprises, at the moment I am using several products and they are all very good, even the make-up removing milk lived up to promises as it really deals well with a waterproof mascara. I suppose some people may not like the smell, as it can be quite peculiar especially for the body care line, but it is not strong and doesn’t linger for a long time. Where did I hear about REN for the first time? It was recommended by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt, authors of “No More Dirty Looks.” In opposition to many positive qualities, the biggest downside is the price. REN strives to be an affordable brand, but in my opinion some products are on a high end, like Moroccan Rose series which is rather expensive, so unfortunately REN products are not as available as the vision of the company would make us believe.

LifeStyle Mix. 2017.

Lifestyle Mix 2017_1

I wish I could say that 2017 was a good year, but unfortunately I cannot. It was a year marked with sorrow and a sense of loss. There were happy moments and wishes coming true, but even the best moments were overshadowed by the sense of what is to come in the nearest future and that made it very difficult.

If I could call 2017 in any special way, I would say it was a year of friendship, because even in the most challenging moments friends were there and for this I will be forever grateful. In addition to them, a little feline friend moved in with us in August. May stole my heart at hello, or should I say at the first meow, she is my little joy that brightens up even the saddest days. Travel to Tuscany was another wish coming true, I will cherish those fantastic memories for many, many years.

In the recent weeks I wasn’t very active on the blog as well as on Instagram, partially because other things occupy my mind, but also because I am somewhat upset with the way Instagram is changing and I enjoy using the modernised platform less and less, for this reason I post less frequently.

To be honest I cannot say that I look forward to 2018, if anything, I am afraid of what the year will inevitably bring. One thing is certain though, whatever happens in the coming twelve months, I know I won’t be alone and this gives me great strength to face what is to come.

Lifestyle Mix 2017_2Lifestyle Mix 2017_3Lifestyle Mix 2017_4Lifestyle Mix 2017_5Lifestyle Mix 2017_6Lifestyle Mix 2017_7

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A Joy to Give, a Joy to Get.

December is a time for giving and a time for receiving. Ideally all gifts should bring joy and be used rather than impose yet another problem to a modern life that is already very crowded and overflowing with material goods. Think twice before you reach for your bank card, ask yourself simple questions and reflect on a person who will receive the gift – is it useful, does it suit the person, how long this item stay up to date, and finally, can I afford it? Some boxes standing proud underneath a Christmas tree can become a headache or a potential waste of space when holidays are over.

For several years now I am a fan of useful gifts that will complement a daily life of a person who receives them – luxurious scarf, warm sweater, favourite hand cream, elegant diary for the coming year, box of delicious chocolates, inspiring book… There is nothing I would wish for less than a gift which I cannot use, unless it is something beautiful that makes my eyes smile whenever I see it displayed on a shelf or hanging on the wall. Personally I feel great joy when items I use every day came as gifts from family and dear friends. Those gifts keep on giving, bringing fond memories of my closest ones and offering that special type of comfort that comes from being loved. 

Dear Santa, please be smart and remember that even over Christmas less is more and much better.


On My Christmas WishList.

This year I decided to complete my Christmas wishlist in one place – Illums Bolighus in Oslo. It is housing the very best of Scandinavian design, being a never ending source of inspiration and aspiration. December is the time for dreaming, so when if not now?


LifeStyle Mix. November.

LifeStyle Mix. November_1

Winter came early this year and from mid month it was already white and rather cold. All this triggered thoughts about Christmas and initiated some preparations for holidays, I simply couldn’t wait to hang my advent stars to illuminate windows after dark and bring some more “hygge” into those short winter days. That wasn’t the only domestic project, we finally replaced our old bookshelves, so my library has a new space which makes me very happy. Little May turned 6 months this November, I cannot believe how fast she grows, I wish she could be a kitten for a little longer. Now it is time to step into December and make the most of it before year ends. Have a good one!

LifeStyle Mix. November_2LifeStyle Mix. November_3

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Inspired by His Closet. Officine Générale.

Officine Générale fw17wlook01 (4)

Officine Générale started as a brand for men, but recently established a line dedicated to women in response to a growing number of female customers who regularly purchased clothes designed for the opposite sex. It is no secret that men fashion is appealing for women who value clean lines, comfort and simplicity, but due to differences in sizes and cuts, it is not always possible to borrow from husband’s closet or shop in the same stores that he does. Officine Générale makes is much simpler, offering a line inspired by what is “his” and transforming it into “hers”. Judging by the first collection, they did so successfully.

Officine Générale fw17wlook01 (2)Officine Générale fw17wlook01 (8)Officine Générale fw17wlook01 (6)Officine Générale fw17wlook01 (10)Officine Générale fw17wlook01 (3)Officine Générale fw17wlook01 (12)Officine Générale fw17wlook01 (11)Officine Générale fw17wlook01Officine Générale fw17wlook01 (5)Officine Générale fw17wlook01 (1)Officine Générale fw17wlook01 (9)Officine Générale fw17wlook01 (7)


From the Bookshelf. “Dress Scandinavian” by Pernille Teisbæk.


Pernille Teisbæk is an undeniable star of social media, a model and fashion editor who made her name into a globally recognisable brand. Being Danish, she promotes Scandinavian designs and herself favours a simple style identified with Scandinavian aesthetics. Now the time came for Pernille to write a book on the very subject that brought her fame – dressing Scandinavian.

I was very curious about the book and when I finally got it, I read it in two afternoons. The lecture of “Dress Scandinavian” left me with a feeling of a slight disappointment, because in my opinion the subject was treated in too superficial manner. On many pages filled with a great number of good pictures there was very little content, I didn’t learn anything new. The book left me with a sense of an unfulfilled promise. True, living in Norway Scandinavian style and fashion is something that surrounds me every day, so it is no wonder I didn’t find it groundbreaking, but even despite this daily exposure I was hoping for some more practical tips and inspiration on how to do it better. All in all, the lecture was enjoyable, a light entertaining reading that perhaps is more valid for those who would like to master a basic understanding of the Scandinavian style.

Timeless Fashion, an Urban Legend or Reality?


Sometimes I wonder whether a timeless fashion is just another urban legend that some people are desperate to believe in. With my conviction that some classic pieces and styles never age, I definitely belong to this group of “believers”. Looking at fashion magazines from yesteryears, it is pretty obvious that most outfits featured in editorials would never make it back to glossy pages today. All crazy accessories, revivals of fashions inspired by popular TV series (does “Madman” and “Boardwalk Empire” still ring a bell?), long forgotten it-bags, odd looking sunglasses that were just the thing back in 2015… I remember buying a lovely 20ties inspired dress at Zara, it had fringe, sequins and was so “in” around the time when “The Great Gatsby” movie was released, but will I surprise anyone saying that I never wore it and donated it to charity with a price tag still on, doubting that anyone would buy that dress again…

Nowadays fashion is a spending game, not to call it a loosing game, if you want to be in it, get your credit card ready and make some extra space in your wardrobe by letting go of what you purchased the last season. Does this sound scary? To me it does, this vicious circle of buying and tossing, tossing and buying, fuelled by fashion magazines, blogs and social media. I was really stunned to read recent articles praising H&M and presenting it’s history, no wonder – the concern is in some trouble as the revenue drops, more publicity is a matter of need to boost sales. It is no secret that most fashion magazines and successful blogs will write such pieces to please their major advertisers, in the fashion world this is a common practice.

On the other hand, there still are clothing brands and manufacturers that do not subscribe to this, making collections that age gracefully and are not destined to be forgotten when the new season comes. Beautiful pictures from this post come from Protagonist lookbook. It wouldn’t be any unusual, if not for a fact that this is 2014 collection, yet it looks as great as designed today. This is what I mean by timeless fashion, immune to passing trends and as classic and elegant in 2014 as in 2017 and beyond.