From the Bookshelf. “Forever Chic” by Tish Jett.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Forever Chic

Who wouldn’t like to know “Frenchwomen’s secrets for timeless beauty, style and substance”? I definitely would and for this reason “Forever Chic” book found its place on my bookshelf.

The autor, an American journalist, moved to France and what was supposed to be a temporary assignment turned into a lifelong adventure that led to many observations and detailed, yet quite informal. research work on Frenchwomen beauty secrets.

The essence of the book revolves around a concept of a “femme d’un certain âge”, her diet, beauty rituals, pastimes and (not surprisingly when talking about France) her wardrobe. It is not a scientific research (far from it!), but witty and interesting reading for all women who believe that beauty is not related to metrics, but to unique allure that every woman can make her own and keep for years to come. Although the book is dedicated to more mature readers, younger ones will benefit as well, learning some useful lessons for the future.