God Kveld Oslo.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

photo 1

There are so many things I love about Oslo, that it is hard to mention just a few of them. The ever friendly attitude, long summer nights, beautiful architecture at Frogner, Aker Brygge district, the National Opera, small alleys with charming shops, picnics by the Royal Palace, coffee shops at every street corner, flowers in the Spring, sail boats, Champagneria, Munch museum and Freia chocolate…

After many years I still find sights that amaze me and new places to explore. To me Oslo is the most beautiful in the summertime, when days are sunny and evenings are so long, because it never gets dark. Nowhere else can you enjoy garden parties till small hours, when you need not light a singe lantern or city life, when sipping a glass of champagne, you look at the sun not believing it is already so late. 

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