Quality Above Quantity.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


This weekend I felt inspired to do some cleaning and reorganizing. What started in my closet (and resulted in a couple of heavy bags that are to be donated to charity) ended up by the make up table. For some time I knew that there are bit dated, used up or brand new but almost never used products that I should part with for good or replace (yes, as much as I wanted it to be a perfect match, red lips are not becoming for me – goodbye Chanel Rouge!).

Letting go may not be easy, but you do yourself no favor if you hold on to old make up products just because you paid good money for them or simply still did not manage to use the whole bottle. Dated cosmetics can cause allergies and irritation. The best you can do is to brace yourself and do it all at once, with a lesson learned on being better prepared and more realistic next time you shop for make up. Just because you adore red lips (as I do!) or green eyeshadows (as I don’t), it is not given that the look will suit you.

I made some missteps myself, so this time I knew better when visiting a beauty department. Also, some brands may suit you better than others. As you can see I walked away from my relationship with Chanel and settled with Dior, romancing a little with Guerlain. Now, when I look at my make up set it is a collection of well thought through products, shades and textures, not to mention they all are safe to use and will do ‘the beautifying magic’ as they are meant to.

Quality above Quantity 2