Belle de Jour & Dr. Hauschka.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


In my adult life I have heard many compliments, but those on a beautiful complexion were never mentioned. No wonder why – I simply did not have a beautiful complexion. Except for some minor battles, I never was the one who could be called an adolescent rebel, except for my skin – always unhappy, moody, troubled… simply difficult.

Years gone by and I moved on a safe distance from sweet sixteen, but for an unknown reason my skin just didn’t want to let go of her teenage ways. Despite treatments, specialistic beauty care, numerous session with a dermatologist nothing seemed to work. My frustration was constant and although things were under reasonable control, there were not there yet.

At one point I decided I do need a change. Firstly I evaluated my eating habits and decided on introducing healthier eating habits focusing on fruits, vegetables, white meat, fish, seeds and nuts. Secondly, as advised by a make up artist friend who is an organic beauty care devotee, I bought my very first Dr. Hauschka face care set. Last, but not least, I started exercising and spending more time outdoors. This is when it all changed for real. For a few months now I look into a mirror not dreading what new surprises await me today. My complexion is glowing and for the first time in my life I hear that it looks healthy and is spotless. Sure, I do not neglect specialistic care and still see my dermatologist regularly, but it has never been better. Maybe it is a combination of healthy life style and more natural care, maybe my believe in them, but the fact is that whatever it is, it works.