New in June. Sale, sale, sale away…

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


Sales often lead to impulsive purchases that result with a plethora of clothes that are either not flattering, impossible to mix with pieces already owned or reflecting seasonal trends with a very short expiry date… I learned my lessons after many accidental purchases, so this year a different story happened.

When I found myself entering my private shopping heaven, which is commonly known as Massimo Dutti boutique, I decided to be clear headed and very realistic. I opted for classic, timeless garments in white, navy blue and beige, in quality fabrics as well as made in Europe (yes, I did check every label looking for the country of origin – made in Italy, Spain and Portugal convinced me that fabrics and finishing are at the highest standard). When back at home I went through the shopping bag contents and decided that… I need to organize my closet once and for all. Having a free afternoon, I was arranging and rearranging, trying on, selecting and dismissing, planning and cleaning. As a result, I let go of many (MANY) items that I either had for years and at present failed to represent my personal style or those that I bought on impulse and never wore. 

Now, after the rearranging and with additional purchases, my closet is clatter free and well thought through. I found myself wearing new pieces on many occasions and mixing them with earlier purchases, as they are all in the same style and reflect my lifestyle as well as personal esthetics. Once again I proved to myself that “less is more” and  that by having fewer items I feel much happier when opening my closet in the morning. 

photo 2