My Fashion Icons. Olivia Palermo.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


Olivia Palermo has this special quality that makes her shine. I am not sure what it really is, perhaps her beauty, elegance, amazing personal style, nice smile or photogenic glow, but whatever it is, she has plenty! I am always looking forward to more pictures on her Instagram profile (contrary to the character from “The City”, she seems to be a genuinely nice and friendly person) or new articles on her lifestyle blog

Whatever she does, from advertising campaigns, commercial undertakings or selecting a wedding outfit (I loved the cashmere top and her simple, wind-blown pony tail), she seems to be very successful. Not to forget her charity work for the Maasai Project. And when it comes to fashion, her style is urban, fresh, classic and so chic. I find Olivia truly inspirational and like to follow up with her recent outfits, travels and designer collaborations.