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Month: August, 2014

The (Big) September Issue.

The Big September Issues

Every year in September fashion magazines call for one thing and one thing only – buy, buy, BUY! Update your wardrobe, follow trends, embrace season’s fashion…

… but this year in September I decided to go against the tide and buy nothing at all. To be honest, I am not sure whether I am going to make it, but I will give it my best try. Since some months back I have finally believed that less is actually much more, I am working very hard to be conscious and aware whenever I consider any purchase. I had some missteps on the way, but my spending habits improved a lot. Now, quite confident in my “less is more” motto, I am ready for the ultimate test! So for the coming month, this is my resolution – NO SHOPPING for clothing, shoes or other accessorizes, though I reserve a right to books, fashion magazines and essential beauty products. In 30 days I will report on my achievements (or on an epic failure), so bear with me in this “Big September Challenge”.


Amazing Grace.


This Summer I had a pleasure of watching the “Grace of Monaco” movie and despite lukewarm reviews it received, I enjoyed the picture a lot. Partially because of the beautiful scenery, partially because of stunning costumes and interiors, but mainly because of the subject – Grace Kelly, fashion icon whom I truly admire.

Before Grace Kelly became Grace of Monaco, she was a Hollywood actress and wore some of the most amazing movie costumes designed by Edith Head. Here a retrospective Vogue US photo editorial by Peter Lindbergh featuring Tobey Maguire and Carolyn Murphy in the most memorable scenes from classic Hitchcock thriller “Rear Window”. I love this fashion editorial, as it brings back the glamour and ladylike chic from the Golden Age of Hollywood. 

principessa-8_13594931213 principessa-7_135948895949 principessa-6_135948888904 principessa-5_135947191485 principessa-4_135946430041 principessa-3_135945679514 principessa-2_135944334063


Autumn Magic by Dolce & Gabbana.


For many seasons now I follow Dolce & Gabbana collections and am truly fascinated by their feminine and imaginative designs. Models selected to promote the looks are beautiful and elegant women, always styled to perfection. I love that Dolce & Gabbana stay true to the Italian heritage and are inspired by the culture and traditions of their land.

I wait for new advertising campaigns, as they are full of joyous and flirty Italian spirit, making me smile whenever I see the pictures in fashion magazines. In the recent campaign for the fall – winter season there is a good deal of magic and enchantment in the spirit of classic, bit dark and mysterious fairytales. For all who haven’t had a chance to discover them yet, a selection of pictures from recent advertising campaign.

dolce-and-gabbana-winter-2015-women-advertising-campaign-06 dolce-and-gabbana-winter-2015-women-advertising-campaign-03 dolce-and-gabbana-winter-2015-women-advertising-campaign-02 dolce-and-gabbana-winter-2015-women-advertising-campaign-01dolce-gabbana-adv-sunglasses-campaign-winter-2015-women-07dolce-gabbana-adv-optical-campaign-winter-2015-women-01


Sea, Sand & Sky. Weekend by the Baltic Sea.

Sea,Sand and Sky_1

Baltic Sea is said to be a cold one, but the weekend I spent in Sopot, a charming resort town by the Polish coast, was really hot! Since sunbathing is not my first choice, I preferred long walks that allowed me to discover back streets and unique local architecture with majestic villas as well as morning strolls on a wooden pier called Molo – one of city’s main attractions.

When tired of walking, local Monte Cassino promenade offers numerous restaurants and cafeterias. Flaming & Co. became my favorite place for delicious breakfasts  by the beach, for the after dark entertainment – Galeria 63 and Unique club by Sheraton Sopot Hotel lived up to expectations for both music, interior as well as friendly service.

It was my second time in Sopot, though the first that I was truly enjoyable, mainly thanks to the weather, as during my first visit in July cold and rainy days discouraged me from exploring all attractions that the city has to offer.

Sea,Sand and Sky_2Sea,Sand and Sky_3

Michelle Williams & LV Campaign.


I liked a lot Louis Vuitton campaign with Michelle Williams for being charming, sensual and a little bit nostalgic, thanks to Michelle’s classic beauty and simple layout that placed a model with presented goods as a centerpiece. I am not so sure I like the new autumn campaign as much, so for as long as it is out there, some photos from the current one.



Everyday (Cup)Cakes. Perfect Muesli Muffins.

Perfect Muesli Muffins_1

Not sure about you, but I love muffins. However, recently I jut can’t find any that would look appetizing – all this icing, heavy toppings, sugar sprinkles or chocolate chips just puts me off. Not only because of calories, but also because of a taste – I would like to enjoy the actual muffin and not feel like every bite is a mouthful of sugar. The remedy is quite simple and waiting… at home! Why not bake muffins that you can enjoy and feel confident of how much sugar (none) and fat (two spoons) are on the ingredient list? I do regularly and can state they make perfect breakfast or a lunchtime snack. Have I mentioned that it takes 1o minutes to prepare…?

Muesli Muffins – List of Ingredients:

– 150 g. of full grain muesli
– 150 g. of all purpose flour
– 2 eggs
– 300 ml. of milk
– 2 ss. of neutral oil
– 3 ts. of baking soda
– optional (according to season, mood, occasion…): honey, nuts, dried fruits, raisins, baking cocoa, oats, fresh fruits, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, …

Muesli Muffins – Preparation:

1. Mix loose ingredients in a bowl.
2. Add liquid ingredients and stir well (or let a food processor do the job).
3. Pour the dough into baking forms at 3/4 of their hight.
4. Bake at 180 C degrees for about 20 minutes (baking time may vary according to muffin form size – for bigger size bake a little longer).
5. Serve with whipped cream, marmalade, fresh fruits and with a smile.

Perfect Muesli Muffins_2

LifeStyle Mix. July.

LifeStyle Mix July_1

Despite the dreamy summer mood enveloping Norway in the holiday season, my July was quite active, both in terms of work, but also the social life. Recent travel to Berlin was a highlight of the month, but many smaller events happened as well and altogether made this summer month truly enjoyable. There is another travel planned for August alongside some other arrangements, so I have a nice perspective to look forward to.

LifeStyle Mix July_2LifeStyle Mix July_4LifeStyle Mix July_3

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