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Month: September, 2014

A Month Without Shopping – My September Challenge.

My September Challenge_4

A Month Without Shopping Diary:

1st September – I started my “month without shopping” challenge with a sense of anxiety and uneasiness. I wasn’t afraid that I may need something, but I was more concerned I may want something that I won’t be able to get. All this on the first day and there are 29 more days to go… Is this a separation anxiety?

3rd September – Today, shopping for vintage porcelain, I stopped at Zara and tried on three white shirts, but… left with nothing. Hurrah! Although I liked designs, quality was not what expected, so I didn’t even feel tempted to buy. Now feeling well for being able to resist first serious temptation.

7th September – See no temptation, feel no temptation – this weekend I spend in the country house. In the middle of the forest. No shops to try the strength of my convictions. Resolution kept for the first week.

11th September – Well, to tell you the truth, a single shopping experience happened. I went to Acne Studios and chose the most wonderful, cosy and classic woolen shawl in the perfect shade of gray. Alas, since it was a gift for a very special occasion that I received, not a shopping on my own, I do not consider this to an offense against my new regime… PS. It is beautiful, thank you Love.

My September Challenge_1

15th September – Half way through and still no purchase. It is less and less that I feel the impulse to buy something, though it may be that my lovely gift from Acne Studios filled the gap. Challenge continues for 15 more days!

19th September – Friday afternoon I went to the high street to treat myself to some quality gourmet. I opted for walnut honey and clementine marmalade with a cinnamon note, both from Olivers & Co., “Jardin Suspendu” – fruit and herbal tea from Le Palais de Thés as well as delicious loaf of rye bread from the local bakery. To make my evenings even more enjoyable I selected a perfumed candle from L’Occitane. I didn’t stop at the single clothing shop and bravely passed Massimo Dutti, Zara, COS and Tatler, so excited was I to have a slice of bread with organic honey with a cup of aromatic tea.

27th September – My month without shopping is almost over. Today I went to run some errands in the city. I had no desire to check out what is new in stores. Initially I imagined that on 1st of October I will come running to the shopping mall, but I feel no desire to do so. To be even more controversial, I do not plan to buy anything in the coming weeks, except for when I am in Munich, but that is still some weeks away and shopping in Munich is a pre-Christmas tradition of mine.

30th September – Last day… no purchase… no regrets… feeling really proud. I doubted myself in the beginning, but I made it and now having discovered that staying out of shops makes my days no less enjoyable, I plan to be even more selective, focused on the best quality and critical when it comes to dividing what I really need from what I simply want.

My September Challenge_2



From the Bookshelf. “Audrey in Rome” by Damiani, Dotti and Gambaccini.

Audrey in Rome_1

Saying that Audrey Hepburn is ones icon is far from original, but perhaps saying why has more value. I admire Audrey Hepburn for her passion for living that never faded, even though her life wasn’t free from disappointments, loss and heartbreak. According to testimonials, Audrey was a real lady – gracious, kind, generous, discreet and forever elegant. She had the ability to make people around her feel special and never forgot about those she loved. Her image and personal style affected a whole generation, proving that female can be alluring being modest and natural. 

As a collector of publications dedicated to Audrey Hepburn, I welcomed this album presenting her relation with Rome. Strength of this collection of photographs lies in their ability to create an intimate portrait of Audrey – behind the scenes, as a private person who could be seen on the streets of Rome. Charming and classically beautiful in every situation, Audrey Hepburn can be a role model for every woman who values tradition, good manners and understated elegance.

Colorful Fall in St.Petersburg.


I liked a lot this colourful and playful fashion editorial set in picturesque St.Petersburg as presented in the September issue of Vogue Russia, a ray of sunlight before dark autumn days.



Present Simple.


For the first time I became aware of Emerson Fry brand after it was featured on one of my favourite fashion blogs and when I took a closer interest, I really liked their simple, classic and timeless designs. This U.S. based brand is focused on high quality, versatile and wearable pieces that are meant to last many seasons and are not subjected to passing trends in fashion. Emerson Fry is dedicated to keeping produce in the USA, supporting the local industry and creating work places for local population. I do like this prerogative, as myself I am strongly against offshoring in the clothing industry. At this point I do not own any Emerson Fry items in my wardrobe, but I certainly will follow their collections, if not for purchase, least for an inspiration.



Coco Chanel. Return of the Legend.

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was an icon of style and elegance. Her persona never stops to inspire, as her life was so rich in adventures, conquers and drama – all this creating the immortal legend of Chanel. 

Her return to the world of fashion, after years of exile in in Switzerland, is fascinating. Once a great couturier, now forgotten and deserted, returns to Paris to prove once again that her vision is supreme to any passing fashions of the day, as it is timeless and indisputably perfect. The return, however, is quite bitter and Chanel no longer triumphant. Ridiculed by the French press, accused of loosing her touch on modernity, criticized for her outdated ideas. Gabrielle Chanel is no longer the queen, only a sad memory of a bygone era…

This is how the story begins, as filmed by Karl Lagerfeld and starred brilliantly by Geraldine Chaplin. It shows Coco Chanel at her moment of trial, when the strength of her character is tested once again. The rest belongs to the history. Without “the return” there would be no two-tone shoes, iconic bouclé suit or 5.22 bag. 

The Equestrian.


In northern countries fall comes fast and late summer already feels like the new season. In the autumn one has to be prepared for all weather conditions, from wind, through rain and fog. In the colder part of the year, the question is what to wear to be presentable in a chic and elegant way without compromising own comfort. The equestrian style is a perfect solution, as it is classic and refined as well as highly wearable in all weather conditions and on many occasions. 

As an inspiration, a beautiful photo editorial from the September Issue of the American Vogue featuring best looks inspired by the equestrian fashion.



Everyday Cakes. Decadent Chocolate Brownies.

Decadent Chocolate Brownies_2

When I think about the amount of chocolate and butter needed to prepare brownies, it makes me feel like a real chocolate rebel. However, life is for the living and occasional decadence (especially on a special event) can be very well justified! if you ask my opinion… I love chocolate brownie as it tastes divine and is heavenly… easy to make. It is a perfect “stand alone” dessert and when combined with whipped cream and fresh fruits it is so sweet and satisfying, that very few guests would ask for a second helping. Ladies and Gentlemen – Decadent Chocolate Brownies are yours for the making!

Decadent Chocolate Brownies – List of Ingredients:

– 2 dark chocolates (200 g. each)
– 1 glass of sugar
– 3 eggs
– 2/3 of a butter stick (counting whole stick as 200 g.)
– a glass of all purpose flour
– 1 ss. of baking soda
– chopped walnuts or almonds

Decadent Brownies – Preparation: 

1. In a saucepan melt chocolate with butter. Having done that, set the mixture aside and let it cool down.
2. Mix eggs with butter, add flour and baking soda. Add chocolate melted with butter. Mix well until you get well worked dough.
3. Add half of chopped nuts into the dough and stir again.
4. Pour the dough into a baking form greased with butter and sprinkled with bread crumbs. Distribute remaining nuts on top of the dough.
5. Bake for 20 – 30 minutes in the owen heated to 180 C degrees. After baking, the cake should be a little “undone”, moist in the middle.
6. Serve alone or alongside with whipped cream, carmel or vanilla sauce.

LifeStyle Mix. August.

LifeStyle Mix August_4

August came and gone by so fast, that I can hardly remember it happened at all! Time flies and we are already entering the fall season, with all glossy September issues one can only imagine! It was a busy month with a ‘post-holidays’ rush at work and some arrangements related to travel and long awaited events. Now, when mornings get colder and days shorter, I look back at all captions, trying to keep the sunny holiday mood for as long as I possibly can. September will be a hectic month with little play and a lot of work, but in October another pleasant trip is planned – a hint on my next destination included in pictures!

LifeStyle Mix August_1LifeStyle Mix August_2LifeStyle Mix August_3

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