A Month Without Shopping – My September Challenge.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

My September Challenge_4

A Month Without Shopping Diary:

1st September – I started my “month without shopping” challenge with a sense of anxiety and uneasiness. I wasn’t afraid that I may need something, but I was more concerned I may want something that I won’t be able to get. All this on the first day and there are 29 more days to go… Is this a separation anxiety?

3rd September – Today, shopping for vintage porcelain, I stopped at Zara and tried on three white shirts, but… left with nothing. Hurrah! Although I liked designs, quality was not what expected, so I didn’t even feel tempted to buy. Now feeling well for being able to resist first serious temptation.

7th September – See no temptation, feel no temptation – this weekend I spend in the country house. In the middle of the forest. No shops to try the strength of my convictions. Resolution kept for the first week.

11th September – Well, to tell you the truth, a single shopping experience happened. I went to Acne Studios and chose the most wonderful, cosy and classic woolen shawl in the perfect shade of gray. Alas, since it was a gift for a very special occasion that I received, not a shopping on my own, I do not consider this to an offense against my new regime… PS. It is beautiful, thank you Love.

My September Challenge_1

15th September – Half way through and still no purchase. It is less and less that I feel the impulse to buy something, though it may be that my lovely gift from Acne Studios filled the gap. Challenge continues for 15 more days!

19th September – Friday afternoon I went to the high street to treat myself to some quality gourmet. I opted for walnut honey and clementine marmalade with a cinnamon note, both from Olivers & Co., “Jardin Suspendu” – fruit and herbal tea from Le Palais de Thés as well as delicious loaf of rye bread from the local bakery. To make my evenings even more enjoyable I selected a perfumed candle from L’Occitane. I didn’t stop at the single clothing shop and bravely passed Massimo Dutti, Zara, COS and Tatler, so excited was I to have a slice of bread with organic honey with a cup of aromatic tea.

27th September – My month without shopping is almost over. Today I went to run some errands in the city. I had no desire to check out what is new in stores. Initially I imagined that on 1st of October I will come running to the shopping mall, but I feel no desire to do so. To be even more controversial, I do not plan to buy anything in the coming weeks, except for when I am in Munich, but that is still some weeks away and shopping in Munich is a pre-Christmas tradition of mine.

30th September – Last day… no purchase… no regrets… feeling really proud. I doubted myself in the beginning, but I made it and now having discovered that staying out of shops makes my days no less enjoyable, I plan to be even more selective, focused on the best quality and critical when it comes to dividing what I really need from what I simply want.

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(Photos: http://www.vogue.ru)