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Month: October, 2014

“In Memory of the Late Mr. and Mrs. Comfort.” A Fable by Richard Avedon.


This year’s Halloween Special is an unusual session from 1995 photographed by Richard Avedon, featuring Nadja Auermann and A Person Unknown. Quite surprising for Avedon, who specialized in glamorous and elegant editorials, having worked with greatest couturiers and most beautiful models.

Happy Halloween!

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My Munich Delights.

My Munich Delight_1

Whenever in Munich, I feel very much at home, where I have my favorite corners, venues, coffee bars and restaurants. I never miss a stroll through Maximilianstrasse (preferably combined with some shopping, or at least window shopping…), breakfast at Luitpold Cafe (omelet is simply divine!), stop at MaximiliansForum (still fascinated by elevated stairs surrendering to nature), visit to Ludwig Beck and Oberpollinger department stores ora  photo session at MarienPlatz, not to forget lunch at Rischart, where they serve the best keiserschmarrn.

Unlike Berlin, the capital of Bayern is quite conservative and rather serious, which is what I like about Munich. The city is elegant, safe and for those who like tradition combined with some luxury, a trip to Munich is a perfect weekend destination.

My Munich Delight_5My Munich Delight_3My Munich Delight_4My Munich Delight_6My Munich Delight_2

The (Lost) Spirit of Chanel N°5.

In all honesty, for the first time I am trully disappointed with the new Chanel N°5 promotional movie. I loved the one with Nicole Kidman and with Audrey Tautou, as both stories were poetic and sophisticated, while the latest one is not there at all, being, well… rather kitsch…

I like the idea of a of Chanel N°5 woman being modern and real, having full life and various responsibilities, but why does it feel like a perfume from a soap opera rather than an elegant fragrance? Perhaps it is a sign of a modern era and an effort to appeal to a younger generation of buyers, but it feels quite wrong to me and for this reason I am quite happy that Chanel N°5 is no longer on my perfume shelf. However, I am sure there are many who will love the new movie, so for those who haven’t had a chance to see it, an opportunity to get the first had experience. 

Present Simple Perfect.


It is obvious that Mary – Kate and Ashley Olsen need no introduction, being international fashion icons as well as famous twin child stars, who in their adult years became successful businesswomen. What may need some introduction though is their high end luxury clothing brand The Row. It is focused on top quality wardrobe essentials, that are meant to last for many seasons and build a solid base for every wardrobe. The adventure started from a perfect white T – shirt that with time was accompanied by other super luxurious basics. Everything signed by The Row label is produced in the US with the utmost care and highest standards. All this sounds really well, though the sky high price level builds a wall for many potential customers – merchandise signed by The Row would cost you dearly, so it is no surprise that the target customer is likely to be in her forties to sixties. 



Chanel Cruise.


Karl Lagerfeld is not only a genial fashion designer, who managed to breath a new air into the House of Chanel and make it one of the most admired and desired fashion labels, but also a gifted photographer, who likes to stand behind the camera shooting advertising campaigns for his collections. Here some snapshots promoting Cruise collection as modeled by Joan Smalls and captured by Lagerfeld himself. 

chanel-cruise-2014-15-ad-campaign-01-1 chanel-cruise-2014-15-ad-campaign-02 chanel-cruise-2014-15-ad-campaign-03 chanel-cruise-2014-15-ad-campaign-05 chanel-cruise-2014-15-ad-campaign-07 chanel-cruise-2014-15-ad-campaign-08




Dolce & Gabbana moved from Sicily to Spain taking inspiration for for their new Spring Summer 2015 collection from corrida and tango esthetics. Main elements revolve around lace, flounces, frills and color palette limited to combination of red, black and white. Embroidered denim trousers brought a modern twist and were an element of surprise.

As always with designers, new looks are feminine and seductive, complimented by heavy jewelry as well as beautiful make – up. Whenever looking at Dolce & Gabbana creations, I think about retro glamour, Sofia Loren and elegant sensuality.

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LifeStyle Mix. September.

LifeStyleMix. September_3

September was a very “down to earth” month and mainly revolved around daily routines as well as work. Autumn officially arrived, so lifestyle became more indoors related, with long evenings accompanied by interesting lecture, a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Since I made it through my non – shopping challenge, I had plenty of time to enjoy walks around town, taking in details and occasional snapshots.

LifeStyleMix. September_4 LifeStyleMix. September_2 LifeStyleMix. September_1

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