Present Simple Perfect.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


It is obvious that Mary – Kate and Ashley Olsen need no introduction, being international fashion icons as well as famous twin child stars, who in their adult years became successful businesswomen. What may need some introduction though is their high end luxury clothing brand The Row. It is focused on top quality wardrobe essentials, that are meant to last for many seasons and build a solid base for every wardrobe. The adventure started from a perfect white T – shirt that with time was accompanied by other super luxurious basics. Everything signed by The Row label is produced in the US with the utmost care and highest standards. All this sounds really well, though the sky high price level builds a wall for many potential customers – merchandise signed by The Row would cost you dearly, so it is no surprise that the target customer is likely to be in her forties to sixties.