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Month: November, 2014

For the Coldest Cold.


Although it is still fall, beautiful colors of the Indian Summer are long gone, the world became gray and cloudy, waiting for the first snow to fall, just like in this nostalgic photo editorial by Annie Leibovitz, ¬†featuring season’s essentials modeled by Natalia Vodianova for the American Vogue.




Chanel in Paris. Paris in Chanel.

Paris and Chanel belong together. Paris is in the DNA of the House of Chanel. The iconic location on Rue Cambon is where it all began for real, where Gabrielle reigned over French fashion scene and to where she returned after years of exile, once again to claim the title of the most renowned couturier. Today, after brilliant revival of Chanel brand under the dictatorship of visionary Karl Lagerfeld, it is a mecca for those who admire Chanel and wish to experience its true spirit, if only window shopping.

Swiss Chocolate.

Swiss Chocolate_2

Let me think what is that I liked the most about Zurich… would it be too much to say everything? The city is really beautiful, Swiss chocolate so delicious, Bahnhofstrasse so chic and small streets so charming, that it is easy to fall in love with Zurich. However, think twice before booking a travel if what you hope for are budget holidays, as it definitely is more of a luxurious destination.

Swiss Chocolate_4Swiss Chocolate_3Swiss Chocolate_5Swiss Chocolate_1Swiss Chocolate_6

Autumn Alert.


Vogue Russia presented this beautiful photo editorial inspired by military style. Now combatting autumn chill is simple with a help from turtlenecks, parkas, knits and leather jackets, all in natural shades of khaki and brown resembling fall color palette. 

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LifeStyle Mix. October.

LifeStyle Mix October_1

This month I gave in to the romantic autumn atmosphere, enjoying long walks through the city, relaxing coffee breaks and warm evenings, trying to capture it all through the camera lenses. Recent stay in Munich was a real delight and one of those travels I will keep in dear memory. November has a chance to be no less exciting, with the upcoming journey to Zurich and other social activities planned for late fall. 

LifeStyle Mix October_2LifeStyle Mix October_3LifeStyle Mix October_4

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