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Month: December, 2014

New Year’s Greetings.

New Years Greetings

Before midnight strikes and champagne makes your mood bubbly, I wanted to share my best wishes. May the New Year 2015 bring you much love, happiness and wonderful surprises, may your dreams come true and every morning offers new things to look forward to. Happy New Year!


LifeStyle Mix. December.

LifeStyle Mix. December_5

December happened so fast, first on pre – Christmas preparations and so on Christmas gatherings and celebrations, but isn’t this what this December should be about? Now, rested and relaxed, I am looking forward to new adventures in 2015, but before stepping into January, I wanted to thank my Family and Friends for their generosity, hospitality and for making this month magical. 

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Christmas Greetings.

Merry Christmas

It these magical December days I wish you all to smile more often, to say thank you, to listen and to be focused on today rather than forever chasing after tomorrow’s – tomorrow’s job, buy, salary, achievement… Stop and take a good look around you, life is happening here and now, there is much goodness and wonder to be seen if only you take time to search for it. May this Christmas time be perfect occasion to focus on what matters the most – love, friendship, trust, devotion, honesty, compassion, forgiveness… and the true quality in everything you do. Merry Christmas!

December Special. Christmas Cookies.

Chistmas Cookies

In our hectic daily routines, finding time for little things can be a challenge, but how often those little things are what matters the most? Why not slow down a little and do something that your nearest and dearest will remember, like baking those lovely Christmas cookies that make spirits bright just in time for Christmas Eve…? After all, December is a time for giving, and no gift is more precious than the one made with love.

Christmas Cookies – List of Ingredients:

  • 150 g. of butter
  • 250 g. of all purpose flour
  • 2 ss. of baking soda
  • 2 ss. of vanilla sugar
  • 100 g. of sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg white
  • chopped nuts and almonds

Christmas Cookies – Preparation:

1. Mix butter, flour, baking soda and vanilla sugar in a big bowl, add sugar and egg and work the dough well.
2. Form the dough into a big roll (5 – 6 cm. in diameter). Cut small portions of the dough and form a cookie from each and every one of them.
3. Place all cut cookies on a baking plate covered with a sheet of baking paper. Smear them with egg white and sprinkle some chopped nuts and almonds on top. If you have a particularly sweet tooth, you may substitute nuts with sugar or mix both.
4. Place form in an oven preheated to 175 C degrees, bake cookies for approximately 15 minutes, until they get golden on top. Keep an eye on them, as 1 minute too long may change golden cookies into burned disaster.

*** If you feel like raising a difficulty level higher, you may roll the dough and cut shapes with Christmas cookie cutters. If you work the dough well, it is very easy and cookies look more elegant on the Christmas table.

December Special. Berlinerkranser.


Baking Christmas cookies is one of my most cherished December traditions. Nothing makes the cozy, homely atmosphere better than home made cookies. They require some extra effort, surely, but Christmas time is first and foremost about giving and carrying, so be generous and offer your nearest and dearest something special.

Berlinerkranser – List of Ingredients:

– 1 hard boiled egg yolk
– 1 egg yolk
– 60 g. of sugar
– 125 g. of butter (in room temperature)
– 175 g. of all purpose flour
– 1 egg white
– chopped almonds

Berlinerkranser – Preparation:

1. Crush hard boiled egg yolk with a fork. Add sugar and mix well. Add butter and flour, continue to mix.
2. Work the dough well. When ready, wrap in a plastic foil and place in a fridge for 1 hour.
3. Separate small portions of the dough, form them so each one is a roll 5mm thick and 10 cm long.
Form cookies, by crossing both ends of a roll somewhere in the middle, so each cookie looks like a small bow.
4. Place cookies on a baking plate covered with a sheet of baking paper. Smear cookies with egg white and sprinkle some chopped almonds and/or sugar on top.
5. Place form in an oven preheated to 190 C degrees, bake cookies for approximately 10 minutes, until they are golden on top.

The best way to store cookies is to keep them in a metal tin. Be careful, as they are very crusty and easy to break.

From the Bookshelf. “How to be Parisian wherever you are” by Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret and Anne Berest.

How To Be Parisian

For a petite book like this, it made a spectacular career, to no surprise though, as it is witty, intelligent and wonderfully auto-ironic. Four friends combined together a generous dose of joie de vivre, romance, allure and French chic, mixed with photographs and voila! – commercial success followed almost overnight.

According to the book, to be Parisian means to be always late, never lacking in self confidence, constantly in love, difficult, beautifully imperfect and incredibly seductive. Perhaps without zip code in the City of Lights this ideal can be hard to maintain round the clock, but still can be mostly inspirational. After all, once in a while a hint of Parisian “state of mind” can only spice things up, n’est-ce pas?

LifeStyle Mix. November.

LifeStyle Mix. November_1

Time flies and November is making place for December, winter season taking over from fall. The highlight of this month was my lovely stay in Zurich and very pleasant break by the Baltic Sea. To my big surprise, I did very little shopping over the past few weeks, but this is just about to change with pre – Christmas preparations and ticking off items from letters to Santa. I am looking forward to coming weeks!

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