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Month: January, 2015

LifeStyle Mix. January.

LifeStyle Mix January_4

January was a busy month, but even though my calendar was full, there was time for inspirations and small changes. No, I made no New Year’s resolutions, but quite spontaneously decided to introduce a new take on esthetics, what was well reflected on my Instagram as well as in my closet. I am inspired by all things simple, neutral, black & white, Northern… Hope you like this new focus, for it feels very right to me.

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Filippa K. Present & Future Perfect.


As described by the brand founder, Filippa Knutsson, the aim is to “interpret fashion into wearable, aesthetically balanced pieces that stand the test of time”. Filippa K. philosophy is  built upon ideas of understated elegance, quality, simplicity and timeless appeal. From 1993 this Swedish brand with head office in Stockholm became an internationally recognized brand synonymous with Scandinavian esthetics and sophisticated minimalism.

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I have been following with STYLEBY for several issues now and am very happy with its contents, but their anniversary #30 issue was a real treat, an issue that I plan to keep in my collection and get back to for years to come. I sincerely mean it! I loved the editorial on 30 must have classic pieces as well as articles on remarkable personal style, not to mention brilliant advice on packing a suitcase when traveling to some fashionable destinations.

This bible of Scandinavian style and fashion is a fairly new title on the market, but it already proved to be a great success. To me, every issue is very inspirational and always makes me think on how to simplify my wardrobe, so it is even more classic and build upon a solid base of quality garments. I wish I had discovered STYLEBY much earlier, but from now on I plan to keep up and make it my regular reading.

The only downside for non-Scandinavian readers is that the magazine is in Swedish language, but great photo editorials are still worth the purchase. Fore more details, do visit the website at 

The Red Princess.


I love fashion editorials that are a little bit magical, like this beautifully nostalgic series of portraits presenting Natalia Vodianova, one of the most successful top models who became a philanthropist and an international celebrity in her own right.



Inspired by…


Today is the first day when the real snow began to fall and all became white, true winter wonderland. Now, awaiting my first skiing trip, I search for an inspiration on how to look chic this season.


From the Bookshelf. “Jackie Style.” by Pamela Clarke Keogh. Introduction by Valentino.


Contrary to the title, this book is not only dedicated to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis personal style. First and foremost it is a beautify illustrated biography, describing Jacqueline’s life from earliest childhood and adolescence, through beginnings of her husband’s political career up to the glamorous Kennedy presidency and the White House period, followed by her turbulent marriage with Onassis, ending with professional career in publishing and years spent in NY.

Nonetheless, readers hoping to find more insight into Jackie’s wardrobe and a key to her inimitable personal style won’t be disappointed, as fashion is one of the most important subjects discussed in relation to different phases of her exciting life. Make up looks, essential pieces as well as famous pillbox hats earned separate passages, being presented in detail. There is much about jewelry, shopping and relationships with European and American designers, as well as about the famous dresses, travels and the jet set lifestyle.

Jacqueline Kennedy is still considered to be one of the most prominent women who shaped tastes and fashions, being an inspiration to legions of modern women, who would love to posses her remarkable style and grace, that even after decades never stops to fascinate.

LifeStyle Mix. 2014.

LifeStyle Mix_2014_1

It is only natural to reflect on the past 12 months at year’s end. Looking back at 2014 I feel very blessed, for it was a good year that helped me to develop and reevaluate life’s priorities. Now, more than ever, I feel self conscious and confident. I redefined my personal style, read loads of inspirational books and magazines, discovered new places and enjoyed many travels, meetings and felt most grateful for all opportunities that were available to me in 2014. I do hope that 2015 will bring more adventures, inspirations and impressions that I can share through Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts.

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