by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


I have been following with STYLEBY for several issues now and am very happy with its contents, but their anniversary #30 issue was a real treat, an issue that I plan to keep in my collection and get back to for years to come. I sincerely mean it! I loved the editorial on 30 must have classic pieces as well as articles on remarkable personal style, not to mention brilliant advice on packing a suitcase when traveling to some fashionable destinations.

This bible of Scandinavian style and fashion is a fairly new title on the market, but it already proved to be a great success. To me, every issue is very inspirational and always makes me think on how to simplify my wardrobe, so it is even more classic and build upon a solid base of quality garments. I wish I had discovered STYLEBY much earlier, but from now on I plan to keep up and make it my regular reading.

The only downside for non-Scandinavian readers is that the magazine is in Swedish language, but great photo editorials are still worth the purchase. Fore more details, do visit the website at