by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


Kinfolk is an independent quarterly magazine focusing on lifestyle and embracing a concept of a slow, reflected life. Founded in 2011, it promotes simplicity, community and quality, encouraging social gatherings and creativity. Base for editors is Portland, Oregon, but magazine contributors are located globally, so this publication offers a wide, multicultural perspective.

What I like the most about Kinfolk magazine are wise, personal and intimate articles accompanied by beautiful photo editorials or illustrations. It feels as if every word was selected with great care, so the language is truly elegant and stimulating – very few publications can inspire their readers to speak in a more precise, refined fashion, but this one does so. What I find important is a careful approach to advertising – there are hardly any – which makes it even more special, for contents speak even louder. I would definitely recommend Kinfolk to those who seek intelligent, thought provoking, yet friendly and somehow homely lecture.