by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


I became aware of Aesop brand through Instagram, as beauty products signed by this Melbourne based manufacturer appeared regularly on my favorite profiles. I became intrigued, researched a little, visited their signature spaces in Zurich… and became addicted.

Aesop is all about nature and simplicity, offering a range of superlative products for the skin, hair and body. Their products are locked in apothecary, almost ascetic packagings and sold in refined, carefully design spaces. Aesop stores are available in major locations around the world and visit to each and every one of them is an experience, thanks to the unique interior design, well defined by clean lines and preference for minimalism and natural materials. To my delight, Aesop opened their first signature shop in Oslo, a beautiful space on Prinsensgate 21 designed in collaboration with local architecture firm Snøhetta.