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Month: April, 2015

LifeStyle Mix. April.

LifeStyle Mix April_1

Due to some circumstances, April was a bitter sweet month, but ended on a positive note, which was my recent travel to Hamburg (more to follow in the next post). Spring is still rather shy, but little by little takes over the grey landscape with green, white, yellow and pink color splashes seen in gardens and parks. I love those first days of my favorite season, when I feel more energetic  and motivated to make things happen rather than to think about them happening. As days get longer and sunnier, I am more positive towards coming weeks, especially that there are nice events on the horizon. Wish you all a beautiful Spring!

LifeStyle Mix April_3LifeStyle Mix April_2LifeStyle Mix April_5LifeStyle Mix April_4

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From the Bookshelf. “Style Forever. The grown – up guide to looking fabulous.” by Alyson Walsh.


I need to admit that getting older is not a perspective I am looking forward to, for I fear the loss of youthfulness and physical vitality, but after reading “Style Forever” book I got an impression that aging can in fact be… an adventure. Alyson Walsh is in opposition towards age obsessed culture based on unrealistic expectations and side-tracking of older women, proving that age is not a stigma, but a natural fact that should be cherished and appreciated. She offers many great advices on fashion, personal style and beauty, as well as presents a kaleidoscope of inspirational mature role models, who are nothing but alluring, self-confident, smart and beautiful. Every chapter closes with short interviews with prominent women in fashion and arts, who prove that becoming older is not a reason to slow down and forget about pleasures in life. I very much liked chic illustrations accompanying every chapter, for they made the book elegant and pleasant to the eye.

The lecture of “Style Forever” made me more positive about the concept of changing with age as well as allowed me to think that being FAB (Fifty And Beyond) is not the end of things. I still have many years before I become a FABster, but I feel reassured today being in my early thirties, that the process of getting there need not be a bad experience, to the contrary – with the right attitude and mindfulness it can become an enriching journey with many adventures on the way.

London Travel Diary. Part 2.

London Travel Diary Part 2_3

London is a perfect destination for enjoying different pastimes related to shopping, dining,sightseeing, coffee drinking, people watching… I decided to do a little bit of everything and had a lot of fun in the process. To track some of my footsteps, a collection of places and images that caught my eye throughout my London adventure.

London Travel Diary Part 2_2 London Travel Diary Part 2_4 London Travel Diary Part 2_5 London Travel Diary Part 2_6London Travel Diary Part 2_1 London Travel Diary Part 2_7 London Travel Diary Part 2_8 London Travel Diary Part 2_9 London Travel Diary Part 2_10 London Travel Diary Part 2_11

London Travel Diary. Part 1.

London Travel Diary Part 1_3

It would take long years to become friends with London and months to get well acquainted, but what if few days is all you have? Can you become at least slightly familiar with the city so overwhelming and big? Possible or not, it is always worth the try, you may not be able to check off every point from your “My To Do in London” list, but at least see some key POIs and make new plans for the next visit!

London Travel Diary Part 1_6

There are several “sights” that London is most famous for – Westminster, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge… and many, many more. To see them all in one go, you may want to take a nice, long stroll by the river Thames from Westminster all the way to Tower Bridge, though make sure to wear comfy shoes, for it is a long walk. When at destination, pay a visit to White Mulberries, a lovely little coffee place situated in St. Katharine Docks (, coffee was perfection, same as an offer of pastries and sandwiches. 

London Travel Diary Part 1_2London Travel Diary Part 1_8

Since I had been to London several times before, I did not follow my old footsteps to TATE nor to the National Gallery, but this time decided to visit Victoria & Albert museum for the very first time ( My main purpose was to see the Savage Beauty exhibition and the renowned V&A bookshop. The museum is a lovely place, not to mention the Alexander McQueen dedicated exhibition, which was an amazing experience. If you find yourself in the V&A area and are in the need of a simple meal or a cup of aromatic coffee, do stop by Le Pain Quotidien (, for it is a nice and cozy place with a bustling, energetic atmosphere and a delicious offering on the menu.

London Travel Diary Part 1_7London Travel Diary Part 1_4London Travel Diary Part 1_5London Travel Diary Part 1_1