Savage Beauty.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


I never subscribed to the vision of fashion as created by Alexander McQueen, for his designs were way to extreme for my taste, too sensational, erotically fetishistic and on occasions bordering with vulgar, but having seen Savage Beauty at V&A I changed my mind.

I never imagined levels of craftsmanship, perfection and excellent tailoring involved into his creations, not to mention fabrics and embellishments. I was surprised to learn that each of Alexander McQueen collections was based on a leitmotif binding it together and telling a whole story, often associated with English history. Out of gowns presented in V&A, “The Girl Who Lived in the Tree” from Autumn/Winter 2008 collection and “The Widows of Culloden” from Autumn/Winter 2006 collection were those I admired the most. The whole exhibition was really amazing and truly memorable, due to an excellent selection of gowns as well as their brilliant exposition, involving light, movement and music.

Here a handful of photographs by Steven Meisel as commissioned by Vogue US, presenting Alexander McQueen’s creations, capturing the incredible, surrealistic aura surrounding them, their savage beauty and allure.

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