Luna Foreo.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Luna Foreo

I wish I was one of those women with a perfect complexion, but well… I am not and as a result have to work very hard to keep my mine reasonably calm. I first discovered Aesop beauty products and now found a perfect little device to help with my daily cleansing routine – Luna from Foreo.

Luna is a new take on a facial cleansing brush concept popularized by producers such as Clarisonic. What makes it unique is a material it is made of – the device is of silicone with a non replaceable brush that cleans pores by pulsation and vibration. The whole process takes 2 minutes and is divided into two stages – deep cleansing and anti-aging, the first is about removing make up residue and dirt, the second is about wrinkle prevention. Luna is very intuitive and easy to operate. The device communicates with a user via changes in pulsation and a build in light, automatic stop is programmed to prevent overuse. Luna comes in different versions related to complexion types, so it is easy to select one that suits you best. A mini version was introduced to cater for frequent traveller needs, as it is more compact and therefore easier to take with. For complete product information, visit the website

Up till now I am very happy with results. From the first use I observed my skin to be smoother and overall healthier looking. I use my Luna once a day as a part of my evening ritual and so far experienced no irritations or other side effects. The brush is smooth enough and pulsations intensity can be adjusted according to individual preferences and skin condition. Price can be an object, as the device is quite expensive, but since you do not have to replace the brush, it won’t cost you extras in the long run. Overall I can share a very good recommendation for Luna Foreo and am very happy with the purchase.

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