From the Bookshelf. “IT” by Alexa Chung.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Alexa Chung IT

Reading “IT” by Alexa Chung didn’t make me feel like “Yes, this is IT!”, but more like “What is IT?”, bordering with “And I really bought IT?”. This collection of loosely related reflections, memories, advice and anecdotes combined with photos of questionable quality did little to provoke the “wow!” reaction I so much anticipated after all fashion-media hype caused by the publication. Perhaps it is only me being too traditional and too classic in my approach to literature to appreciate this one, but I found the book rather… useless. Not to be too one sided, I did like some photos, especially those related to movie characters – good inspiration there, and enjoyed some stories, as they were quite funny, but overall spending one hour on cover to cover lecture did little to help with the disappointment. 

My advice is following – if like I you feel tempted to by the book, having seen “IT” in numerous Instafeeds, remembering all great photos of Alexa and admiring her personal style, go to a bookshop and flip through pages first. If you like what you see, just go for “IT”, but if you have second thoughts, perhaps this is not “IT”, at least not for you.