Diptyque Paris. L’Art du Parfum.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


The story of Diptyque perfumes dates back to 1968, when the first eau de toilette, L’Eau, was composed, being inspired by 16th-century potpourri recipe and the scent of pomanders. This alone indicates that perfume compositions locked in elegant Diptyque bottles are far from ordinary and predictable. Not only fragrances, but bottles alone are very special, echoing the shape of an 18th-century medallion, with a broad pattern being a reminiscence of shields in ancient Rome. Over four decades from the first perfume, the portfolio of fragrances grew, developing into a sophisticated collection of signature scents, suitable for both men and women. Every bottle contains an illustration on the back side of the label, an artistic expression of the scent,  conveying emotions, impressions and motives associated with it.

My first Diptyque obsession was all about candles, perfumes came as the second. I was momentarily seduced by compositions so magical, that one can almost picture the imaginary tale told by fragrant notes and accords. Even if you are more into mainstream perfumes, it is still worth to give it a try and stop by Diptyque boutique or a perfume counter, you risk nothing… or almost nothing, as you may find the one composition that speaks volumes in your own sensual language of memories and emotions.


(Illustrations: http://www.diptyqueparis.com)