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Month: August, 2015

LifeStyle Mix. August.

LifeStyle Mix August_3

August came and left so fast, that before I managed to say proper “hello” I had to say “goodbye”. Much was happening though, with nice things like traveling through more complicated like leaving one job and starting another. I somewhat feel that blogging was left behind, so when things settle (not sure when, hopefully soon…) I promise to be more regular and entertaining. For starters, my coming travels to Munich and Vienna, but this is a story for September.

LifeStyle Mix August_1LifeStyle Mix August_2

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Sopot Travel Diary.

Sopot Travel Diary_1

As I wrote about Sopot a year ago, I will not add much, but rather share some more captions from my recent visit to this charming seaside town on the cost of Baltic Sea. Tried hard as I might, I did not manage to capture its architecture the way I hoped for, dreamy villas and ever present verandas did not fit into my camera lens as I envisioned, perhaps next time will be more successful. 

Sopot Travel Diary_2Sopot Travel Diary_3Sopot Travel Diary_4Sopot Travel Diary_5Sopot Travel Diary_6Sopot Travel Diary_7



Do you have those little pleasures and things that you don’t really need and can easily live without but somehow don’t want to? I for sure do and have recently discovered one more, Marvis toothpaste. I became intrigued after numerous Instagram appearances, as frankly speaking, how special can a toothpaste be to feature it on your profile? The answer is very special and do not be surprised if you find it on mine Instafeed more often.

Marvis is an Italian brand offering contemporary toothpastes in surprising and truly delectable flavors like aquatic mint, jasmine mint, cinnamon mint… Marvis toothpaste’s image is very sophisticated, supported by artisanal advertising campaigns linking the toothpaste with an unique and luxurious identity. At the end of a day toothpaste is a toothpaste, not a state of art, but this one is really something special and can make your look forward to your next morning routine.

Samsøe & Samsøe.

Samsøe & Samsøe is one of those amazing Danish labels which I mentioned in my travel journals from Copenhagen. Established in 1993 in the capital of Denmark, it offers quality pieces influenced by Scandinavian esthetics, with essentials making a solid foundation. I definitely intend to look closer at Danish brands, with Samsøe & Samsøe being among them.

lookbook1501pre_website_female2 lookbook1501pre_website_female4 lookbook1501pre_website_female5 lookbook1501pre_website_female6 lookbook1501pre_website_female10 lookbook1501pre_website_female11 lookbook1501pre_website_female16


Secret Copenhagen.

Secret Copenhagen_3

On a way to Copenhagen I had my head filled with images of white buildings, charming streets and illustrious Little Mermaid adding a magical allure to this otherwise modern city, having followed Elle Denmark for months I had a good idea about Danish fashion and street style – in other words – I felt well prepared for meeting with Copenhagen, yet still was surprised by the easy going and informal vibe of this town. In places the vibe was way too informal, ever present graffiti and tags are like an ugly scar marking the landscape, many buildings are covered in them and it simply looks bad. I fell in love with Danish labels, restraining myself from the urge “to buy it all”, especially at Magasin, beautiful department store with long and proud tradition.

Even though the weather was rather bad, Little Mermaid literally covered by tourists (I cannot understand the urge to climb on the statue for so called “holiday picture”, but looks like many do) and that I actually managed to get lost more than once (using subway is easy up to the point when you leave the station, for then you are on your own, I did not see any directions, signs nor markers informing you about most common POIs), I had a great time and enjoyed my stay a lot, so the same as with Berlin, I will come back for sure.

Secret Copenhagen_5Secret Copenhagen_2Secret Copenhagen_7Secret Copenhagen_8Secret Copenhagen_1Secret Copenhagen_10Secret Copenhagen_6Secret Copenhagen_4Secret Copenhagen_9

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Copenhagen Travel Diary.

Copenhagen Travel Diary_3

Even though my stay in Copenhagen was rather short, I had a chance to see majority of postcards attractions, but I missed enough the time to wander off beaten tourist tracks. For a day in Copenhagen I definitely recommend a visit to Nyhavn (charming harbor site) and a stroll by Amalienborg (winter home of the Danish royal family) – both are close by, shopping at Magasin du Nord and Illum (bespoke department stores), lunch at Cafe Norden and a cup of hot chocolate at Hotel Chocolate (if you need some energy after shopping excitements).

Copenhagen Travel Diary_6Copenhagen Travel Diary_4Copenhagen Travel Diary_7Copenhagen Travel Diary_9

If you have enough time for breakfast and a small detour from historical quarters, Granola is the perfect destination for a relaxing start of the day or a stop at any other time. I dropped by for a Sunday brunch and the place was packed, I was very lucky to grab the last table. However, Copenhagen is filled with so many lovely coffee places, that at almost every corner you feel tempted to have a coffee break and take in the street life.

Copenhagen Travel Diary_10Copenhagen Travel Diary_2Copenhagen Travel Diary_1

When in Copenhagen, look up, city’s architecture is something to notice, same as fashion and Danish designers. I loved Malene Birger, Gestuz, Birger et Mikkelsen, Samsøe Samsøe and many more. 

Copenhagen Travel Diary_8

Despite my best intentions, I did not make it to the Botanical Garden and to Tivoli, the weather wasn’t good enough to walk around town for too long, but I heard that both attractions are worth the attention, so I will keep them on my list until next time in Copenhagen. As a huge fan of “Broen” (“The Bridge”) Swedish/Danish TV series, I felt somehow tempted to take a train ride to neighbor Malmö, but I didn’t have enough time for the excursion, so another time perhaps.

Copenhagen Travel Diary_5