Secret Copenhagen.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Secret Copenhagen_3

On a way to Copenhagen I had my head filled with images of white buildings, charming streets and illustrious Little Mermaid adding a magical allure to this otherwise modern city, having followed Elle Denmark for months I had a good idea about Danish fashion and street style – in other words – I felt well prepared for meeting with Copenhagen, yet still was surprised by the easy going and informal vibe of this town. In places the vibe was way too informal, ever present graffiti and tags are like an ugly scar marking the landscape, many buildings are covered in them and it simply looks bad. I fell in love with Danish labels, restraining myself from the urge “to buy it all”, especially at Magasin, beautiful department store with long and proud tradition.

Even though the weather was rather bad, Little Mermaid literally covered by tourists (I cannot understand the urge to climb on the statue for so called “holiday picture”, but looks like many do) and that I actually managed to get lost more than once (using subway is easy up to the point when you leave the station, for then you are on your own, I did not see any directions, signs nor markers informing you about most common POIs), I had a great time and enjoyed my stay a lot, so the same as with Berlin, I will come back for sure.

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