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Month: September, 2015

LifeStyle Mix. September.

LifeStyle Mix September_2

Although I promised to be more disciplined with blog entries, it did not happen as intended. September was a busy month and there was little time for slowing down, except for my recent travel to Germany and Austria. Rainy weather did little to boost my energy level, although last days of September were really nice and gave me a chance to enjoy the beautiful autumn light and wander about town after office hours. October will start with on very pleasant note, so despite shorter days and colder nights, I am looking forward to the new month. Hope you have a beautiful autumn. 

LifeStyle Mix September_1LifeStyle Mix September_3LifeStyle Mix September_4

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Munich & Vienna Travel Diary.

Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_8

For me Munich is always a good idea and with each return to this beautiful city I feel more and more at home, with my favorite spots and places I to come back to. This is not the first, nor the last time, so I will say no more about it, but post few more pictures.

Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_15

As for Vienna, this was my first visit and even though it was a short stay, I tried to take in as much as I could. I was amazed by Palmenhaus in Schönbrunn, lovely Karlsplatz subway station, monumental architecture in the city center, delicious Sacher cake, narrow streets, secret corners… I wish I had more time to discover Vienna, but am far from disappointed, for I used every minute while I was there.

Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_16Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_3Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_2Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_12Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_6Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_4Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_7Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_13Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_11Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_5Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_9Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_10Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_14Munich & Vienna Travel Diary_1

From the Bookshelf. “I’ll drink to that” by Betty Halbreich with Rebecca Paley.

I'll drink to that

An interesting biography of Betty Halbreich, a legendary head of personal shopping division at the iconic Bergdorf & Goodman New York department store. Working in the industry Betty Halbreigh had an unique opportunity to observe how fashion industry standards and trends changed over the years, moving from the true luxury and top quality garments made by designers truly understanding female body to instant fashion made in the Third World in sizes notoriously too small to accommodate for needs of an average woman. But more than anything else “I’ll drink to that” is a story of a woman who into her forties and after a painful separation from her husband had to leave her privileged ways, learning how to be on her own, how to overcome shyness and modesty, making a living and opening a new chapter of her life, being independent for the first time ever. Very inspirational, very daring and great to read. 

Warsaw Travel Diary.

Warsaw Travel Diary_1

The capital of Poland is a city heavily marked by the tragic history, from II WW and beyond, up till the end of the communist era. Warsaw is also a city of paradoxes, where old meets the new, often in a haphazard, coincidental way that does little to bring architectonic sense and unity. The Palace of Culture and Science towers above, being a useful orientation point and a relict from a bygone era. From Warsaw I brought back very few pictures, but less than two days was way too short to get to know the place, even though I tried to make most of it. Next time perhaps, if the next time comes. 

Warsaw Travel Diary_3Warsaw Travel Diary_5Warsaw Travel Diary_4Warsaw Travel Diary_2