No More Fast Fashion.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Fast Fashion

If you follow my blog posts, you might remember my June quest on investigating the cheap & chic fashion concept. We didn’t have much of a summer this year, but sufficient to say, no garments that entered the competition made it till fall if they were worn frequently. The quality, fabrics or finishing were so poor that after few washings cheap & chic pieces looked so bad I did not feel like wearing them ever again. 

The timing is quite remarkable, because when starting my little experiment I did not know about the philosophy of the essential, “slow” fashion. In August I came across some inspirational blogs and articles that made me feel even stronger about the notion of buying less, but better and wiser. And so I continue to challenge myself, saying no to fast fashion, questioning my urges to buy, cultivating awareness, mindfulness and moderation. I do not want to make it sound too superficial, plus I still happen to make a detour from my path (quality I practice, with impulse purchases I fail…), but living a life with less is really much better from getting lost in a senseless maximalism and greedy “to-have-it-all”-ism. Do try, for you may appreciate a change in your mindset. Dare yourself, it might be just the thing.