LifeStyle Mix. October.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

LifeStyle Mix October_1

October in Oslo feels very much like the late fall, even more so in comparison with sunny Spain, where I spent a week in the beginning of the month. With colder days and darkness creeping in, life becomes more indoors centered, accompanied by cosy knits, hot tea, soft bed-linens and  inspirational books.

This months I am under the influence of recently read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying” by Marie Kondo and fantastic, eye-opening and so inspiring blog Into Mind ( As a result, I continue with my quest for the perfect wardrobe and overall “less is more” approach to life. This becomes addictive, as now I became convinced that all daily used items should be those I really like and feel good about. Not only clothes and accessorizes, but all you surround yourself with should bring joy to your life, from a coffee cup, through bedside lamp to blankets. Easier said than done? Perhaps, but I feel motivated to try without spending a fortune. To begin with I decide what to keep and what to give away, what needs a replacement and what creates nothing but a background noise. Autumn feels like a perfect time to continue with those improvements and share some of my observations, more on the subject in November.

LifeStyle Mix October_2LifeStyle Mix October_3

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