LifeStyle Mix. November.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

LifeStyle Mix. November_2

In Scandinavia November is all about a battle between darkness and daylight, pursuit of light in those short days, search for comfort and warmth. Days are short, clouds are heavy, frost bites for the first time, if not for coffee, chocolate, blankets and Netflix November would be a hopeless month. Same as all others, I too am looking for a chance to “ha det koselig”, what translates into a state of blissful, happy, comfortable coziness.

November was a very down to earth month with no traveling or otherwise exciting events, but my mind did wander looking for inspiration, balance and further motivation to continue with the “less is more” philosophy.

LifeStyle Mix. November_1LifeStyle Mix. November_4LifeStyle Mix. November_3

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