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Month: December, 2015

LifeStyle Mix. December.

LifeStyle Mix. December_4

December was a busy month, at one point I felt that my “to do” list was never ending and couldn’t possibly be completed by Christmas and year end. With much effort and some hectic days I managed, what was meant to be baked was baked, what needed to be bought and gift wrapped was finally placed under the Christmas tree, whatever reports and emails I was supposed to deliver I did. You can pin a gold star on my calendar and praise my multitasking skills, but all this running and organizing made me rather stressed and I felt that a magic of Christmas got lost in the process. Perhaps I can learn from the experience and be more aware next year, or at least start preparations earlier.

For 2016 I wish for more balance and a chance to slow down a bit, with all bad things happening around the world may we all find some peace of mind and hope that it is all going to be all right. Happy New Year 2016!

LifeStyle Mix. December_1LifeStyle Mix. December_3LifeStyle Mix. December_2

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Filippa K. Scandinavian Simplicity.

When I look at Filippa K. designs, my first association is  with “essentials”. This much needed, hard working wardrobe foundation, which makes everyday easier, once you have it all sorted out. What is essential varies greatly and means something else to different people. For me essential are turtlenecks, shirts, black trousers, grey trousers, stripes, trench coats, classic cardigans, neutral colors, quality fabrics, understated elegance and simplicity, the bare essence of Filippa K. and Scandinavian chic.


On My Christmas WishList…

As always in December real intertwines with magical, dreams and hopes wander into daylight hours, a little bit like on my Christmas wish-list, where fantasy meets reality, but when, if not now, daydreaming is allowed?