LifeStyle Mix. 2015.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

LifeStyle Mix_2015_2

2015 was an eventful year, with good and bad things happening. In 2015 I lost a very important, close family member, my Grandmother, whom I miss every day. I also happened to lost my job, not long after. But good things happened as well, my very best Friend got married to a good man whom she truly loves, I visited fascinating places, became really inspired with principles of essentialism, read many thought provoking books, not to mention the new job that I found much earlier than I could have expected. Even though 2015 left me a little bit bruised, I feel stronger and more self confident, I do not expect 2016 to be any easier, yet I feel ready for challenges this year may bring.

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