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Month: February, 2016


Byredo 2

It is thanks to Instagram that I became aware of Byredo brand and their collection of bespoke perfumes. I became slightly obsessed and started a search for “my” Byredo perfume, which took me from department stores through London Underground, where I actually followed a lady smelling Byredo, to debating with myself whether I should be spending so much on a of bottle perfume. In the end I did and the day I started wearing Mohave Ghost was a day when my perfume fully complimented my image. In a way it felt complete – colours, fabrics, cut and scent.

Founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham, the brand became an extension of a creative project focusing on links between smell and memory. Name Byredo comes from “By Redolence” meaning a reminiscent of a person or particular place, a vivid memory of the past inspired by sensation related to smell. It is not uncommon to go back in time when a smell evokes places or situations, those moments do not happen very often, but when they do occur, a recollection of the event is surprisingly clear and precise.

Byredo started from five composition and as the concept developed and became a commercial success, more scents were included in the selection. After perfumes, body care products and candles followed. Brand originates in Sweden, but not surprisingly all perfumes are made in France. So far the one and only flagship store is in Stockholm, otherwise Byredo perfumes are available in major department stores all over the world. I look forward to my upcoming visit in Stockholm and while I am there, I will make sure to stop by Mäster Samuelsgatan 6 to embark on a fragrant voyage and bring home memories locked in a simple yet refined bottle.



Not in Vogue.

Not in Vogue

I am not in Vogue and frankly speaking, that makes me proud. After years of glossy magazine brain washing, I decided to put an end to it. I am done with Vogue. I avoid Bazaar. I say no to any fashion magazine that has more adverts that meaningful content, UK and US glossies being my primary suspects. I am no longer in the mood for their bubble on trivial subject, not so discreet product placements and attitude towards promoting extensive spendings. Did it ever occur to you why so few pieces from fashion editorials are available to an average woman or why they try to make you think that not having at least one Chanel 2.55 is a major crime? I do not get it.

And it is not like I live in some state of a blissful fashion ignorance, I just try to select my readings with more consideration and awareness. Danish and Swedish fashion magazines are my main inspiration, among my very best I list Styleby, Elle Danmark and Cover. I still enjoy Porter, hoping it won’t turn into yet another Vogue. For more meaningful reading – Monocole and Kinfolk, for purely visual inspiration – Vogue Paris and Vogue Japan.

I think the same process affects many of super popular fashion blogs. Without mentioning any, I still try to figure out how is it possible for those twenty something girls to lead lives revolving around exotic travels, five star hotels, luxurious handbags, fashion shows, photo shoots, limos… and no, not every one is married to a Russian millionaire or is a successful entrepreneur in her own right. One comparison comes to mind – Bollywood, an imaginary world that is as real as a jar filled with gold waiting at the end of the rainbow. Those prominent it-girls are just marketing tools whose main function is to make other not so fortunate girls think that spending a small fortune on La Mer cream can bring them closer to the picture perfect Instagram happiness. Let’s get real, it is all a part of marketing & sales actions designed to make consumers unhappy about what is and create an artificial need that a purchase should fulfil, bringing satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

The more I think of it the more frustrated I get, because not every person can see through this manipulation, in all honesty – very few can and the younger the target, the more influence the message shall have. I do not say burn your Vogue and stop following elaborate fashion blogs, for you may like them just the way they are, they offer a good deal of inspiration after all, just try to be more critical and see them for what they really are, marketing tools, not pictures of real life.

A.P.C. The Brand of Basics.

Atelier de Production et de Création, in short A.P.C., was established by Mr Jean Touitou in 1987, as an opposition to an ostentatious and flamboyant fashion that in those days reigned in Paris. The philosophy behind A.P.C. designs is of simplicity and minimalism, deriving from the belief that clothes should never overshadow a person wearing them. Inspired by workwear and classic chic, A.P.C. became known for their well tailored, simple wardrobe essentials, that are free of embellishments and any esthetic noise.

It is no wonder why the brand was and still is so successful, an A.P.C. lookbook is a sole definition of quality basics that every wardrobe should have. In the world of fast, loud fashion, there still is room for modest and thoroughly simple designs, hope there will be more to follow.