Refined Simplicity by Filippa K.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

I subscribe to the notion that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and that a solid base of quality basics is a key to a success, not only in terms of creating a refined personal style, but also a professional success. The more I eliminate, the happier I am. Now I came to the point where I do not crave for new, because what I have is so “me”, that I can wear it on repeat and still feel great, without being bothered that I am seen in the same sweater or trousers almost every week. However, there is a catch – after years of buying fast fashion, I finally started to think big and limit myself to more luxurious brands. It is not because I have so much to spend, but because I buy so rarely that when I do so, I can afford one quality piece instead of five cheap ones.

One of my new favourites is Filippa K., Swedish brand that offers refined simplicity and quality. Recent lookbook from Filippa K. is the best proof that essentialism in fashion is a way to go for creating a serious, elegant and timeless appeal. I agree that to some the look can be too sombre and austere, as always in fashion it is a matter of individual choice, for me it is a great inspiration and the more I follow this essential approach, the better it feels.