Stockholm Travel Diary. Part 1.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Stockholm Travel Diary Day 1_3

It wasn’t my first visit to Stockholm, so I knew what to expect, the only thing I did not expect was the weather. It was so cold that my plans to spend most of my time outdoors and on foot had to be revisited. Fortunately there are so many great coffee places in Stockholm, Kaffeverket, Fabrique, Snickarbacken 7, Supreme Coffee Roasters, …, to name just a few, that my city tour wasn’t totally overshadowed by the weather. But yes, from my Insta feed it may seem like coffee drinking was all I did that weekend…

Stockholm is beautiful. Gamla Stan – the old town – is really charming, with it’s narrow cobblestoned passages and lanterns, Södermalm is relaxed, easy going and trendy, while Östermalm is rather conservative, having the luxurious and expensive appeal, with the famous high end shopping venue Bibliotekstan. There is something for every taste in Stockholm and the overall city atmosphere is friendly and open.

If I were to make some “must see” recommendations for Stockholm, I would definitely say Fotografiska, a bespoke photography gallery. It is so popular that waiting line to the ticket office ended on the street level. For shopping, visit Byredo, the one and only flagship store, and if you have more time – & Other Stories, Filippa K. and NK department store. I was pleasantly surprised by the popularity of organic food shops, fighting the urge to “buy it all”. To have a flavour, do stop by Koloni at Bibliotekstan, their feta & mango salat is perfection. Last, but not least, Miss Clara Hotel, an elegant and relaxed get away. I think that thanks to Ballerina Room I luckily avoided coming home with a cold, enjoying hot coffee, comfy chairs and superb selection of lounge music.

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