From the Bookshelf. “Skin Cleanse. The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clean, Calm, Happy Skin.” by Adina Grigore.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Skin Cleanse. Adina Grigore

“Skin Cleanse. The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clean, Calm, Happy Skin.” is a big title for a modest book. Normally I am rather sceptical towards books that promise to inspire major changes, but this one had good reviews and since I still need to improve the condition of my skin, I decided to give it a chance.

The book focuses on the influence that food, lifestyle and chemicals from beauty products have on a skin, the biggest body organ. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that low quality, processed food will affect your skin condition, but when you read about chemicals that you willingly apply to it with everyday care, matters become slightly shocking. I admit that in the past I rarely considered ingredients in potions and lotions adorning my bathroom shelves, for if I did, perhaps my visits to the dermatologist would be less frequent.

The author, Adina Grigore, had her own struggles with skin condition, and as desperate times call for desperate measures, she took a radical course. At one point she stopped to use whatever beauty products she had and that experiment led to interesting observations. So yes, the book promotes a major cut  and clearance of your bathroom shelf contents, encouraging true minimalism and substituting ready made products with home made ones. Those ideas are too revolutionary for my own liking, so I doubt you will see me preparing sugar & honey scrub anytime soon, but there were other points that really made me think, look into my plate, read ingredient lists carefully and go for an occasional “clean” day, when I wash my face with nothing but water and use no beauty products whatsoever. As scary as it may sound, it is actually quite pleasant and to my surprise it has a positive effect on my skin. Perhaps there is a method in this approach, the only way to judge for yourself is to read “Skin Cleanse. (…).” and see how far can you go and what comes out of it.