Munich Travel Diary.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Munich Travel Diary_10

Visits to Munich never disappoint and this one was no different. The town was as beautiful as always, trains as punctual as ever, Keiserschmarrn  as delicious as the last time, shopping as delightful as on any other occasion. The only disappointment was the weather, I arrived to a lovely Spring evening and 19 degrees and left on a cold afternoon, trying to believe in the heavy snowfall outside. Blooming cherry trees covered by snowflakes was a truly remarkable sight.

This time I promised myself to be more “adventurous” and step off my well known paths. Visit to Pinakothek der Moderne was a real treat, what I liked the most was the building’s architecture, it somehow stole the show from the actual exhibition, I couldn’t stop snapping pictures. For more treats, this time skin nourishing, I crossed Isar and went to Max Weber Platz to visit Tobs, an organic beauty store. I can recommend it for excellent help and advice, warm welcome and modest, but well thought through selection of products. And if you do stop at Tobs, do not leave without at least one Antidote chocolate. It is divine! Not buying more is my biggest Munich regret…

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