Don’t Save the Best for Last.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Don't Save the Best for Last

If you follow a path towards less you may see at one point that you are able to afford much more. By reducing unplanned, impulsive and unnecessary spendings, much more money stays in your pocket. Yes, finally you are able to afford that cashmere turtleneck you dreamed of for so long, but… is it really all right to spend so much on a single piece and should you really pay that (THAT!) price?

I understand the dilemma, I really do. It took me a while to allow myself to by my first pair of Acne Studios trousers. Money wasn’t the issue, the issue was my mental barrier to spend so much on a single item. I was unsure and debated with myself the necessity of this purchase. After several weeks I decided to go for it and guess what, it was worth it, I never had second thoughts or regrets, even though the price tag was scary at first glance. I love those trousers and wore them on so many occasions, they make their way into my suitcase almost ever time I travel. They became my “go to” piece when I have trouble deciding what to wear, one of my most trusted wardrobe companions. This purchase followed others, thanks to which my closet became better equipped with well thought through, versatile basics that I wear on repeat. Not all basics have to be expensive, but quite often they are, for if you pay for a long lasting quality, it comes with a price. It is a matter of time perspective, you spend more on something you wear for several seasons, or spend less on something that won’t last more than a few washings. I am all for the first option, it is ethical, smart and simply right.

However, there is a catch. If you spend a lot on something you consider too expensive, you may hesitate to wear it, trying to “save” it for special occasions, and when you finally have it on, you feel uncomfortable, being afraid it may get damaged. If this happens, it is a sign you stepped out of your comfort zone and bought something you couldn’t afford. The real sense of buying less but better is to enjoy all you have, own fewer items and use them more often and with better consciousness. There is nothing wrong in wearing the same clothes often, but it will work out if they are quality, well made garments, because only those will serve you well for years to come. Look at is as an investment, in yourself, your image and own well being. You should enjoy all you have rather than be afraid to spoil it and as a consequence, keep safe in your wardrobe. Buy the best you can afford and be happy to use what you buy, otherwise it makes no sense and of all things, slow fashion should be meaningful.