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Month: June, 2016

LifeStyle Mix. June.


I can hardly believe how much can happen in just 30 days! A new address is a major change and I am happy to say, a change for the better. From the first day I felt at home and even though there still are things to hang, wash, unpack or rearrange, no place felt more mine than this. Despite hard work and long days, full time office routine, all worked out well. I look forward to July, hoping this will be a month of sunny days and long evenings, daydreaming and relax. Hope you have a wonderful Summer!


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From the Bookshelf. “Spark Joy. An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying.” by Marie Kondo.

Spark Joy

Marie Kondo is a Japanese expert, who made her passion for cleaning and tidying into a profession, getting recognition and achieving an international success. She created her KonMari method, where the only criterium of keeping material possessions is an emotional reaction towards them. If it “sparks joy”, brings happiness and warm thoughts, it is a keeper. If it doesn’t, it is an excess that should be tossed without sentiments.

When I read her first book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying”, I felt like going through my possessions at once and “downsizing”, feeling as if their amount was weighting on me. Since that day much has been gave away, sold or simply discarded, but there is always room for improvement. Reading her second book, I felt like reorganising and simplifying, and yes, tossing some more. I haven’t done the total KonMari clearance, this I admit, but I am getting there, this day will come.

“Spark Joy” could be called a comprehensive tidying handbook, which gives numerous practical advices on how to do things, if not for more philosophical aspect brought up by the author. In her theory things are not merely material, they also hold certain energy that can affect the owner and the household. The key message is following, if you surround yourself with beautiful things that you really cherish, you bring joy into your life, and if you keep them in the right order and give each and every a designated space, you create harmony. Joyous and harmonious home is perhaps something that most aspire for, so why not support it with some practical know-how on how to fold, store, arrange, pack, select…?

Make it Home.


Being in the middle of apartment moving frenzy and working full time is not an easy task, having no internet for over a week makes matters even more complicated, but I am getting there one room at the time and as soon as I make it home, I promise to return to blog pages. Wish me luck!

LifeStyle Mix. May.

LifeStyle Mix May_1

Some say that a picture is worth thousand words, so in May I leave you with several photos and go back to boxing, unboxing and other pleasures commonly known as moving to a new apartment. May oh May, what a month!

LifeStyle Mix May_4LifeStyle Mix May_3LifeStyle Mix May_2

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