Benton. Beauty from Korea.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


Benton is a brand that you probably never heard off, unless you live in Korea. I wouldn’t heard of it myself, if not for a book about a Korean beauty regime that I read some months back. Benton is focused on natural skincare that eliminates harmful, artificial ingredients and instead of those, uses potent natural ingredients. The main focus is on anti-ageing and imperfection control, with additional whitening and anti-acne effects.

I got intrigued by the concept, did some online research and finally placed an order. Locating “made in South Korea” beauty products is not that easy, as they are not popular in Europe, so internet purchase is the fastest and most available option. The package arrived and with a great hesitation I decided to give it a try. Before placing my order, I read many reviews of Benton products, in which approximately 8 out of 10 were very enthusiastic, only 10% gave most discouraging reviews. Snail Bee line by Benton is rather intense, considering main ingredients and their origin. I assumed that the very dissatisfied 1 out if 10 suffered an allergic reaction to the product and hoped that the same won’t happen to me. To be on the safe side, I tried a small amount on my neck, before applying it to the whole face and since essence is more concentrated and rich in ingredients, I used it first.

To my relief no warning lights were flashed by my complexion, to the contrary, results were and still are very positive. Even though I am rather careful with my Snail Bee steam cream and essence, using them once per day in the evening,  I can see improvement in areas that were most problematic. Post acne scars and taints became less visible, skin is more even and softer. For me Snail Bee products have no noticeable smell, texture is pleasant, packaging simple and elegant – overall a perfect beauty product experience. If you decide to try for yourself, do remember to store them in a cool place (fridge is where I keep mine) and use within 6 months form opening, because ingredients are not synthetically preserved therefore are prone to dissociate faster.