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Month: August, 2016

It is not about a journey, it is about the destination, but…

It is not about the travel, but...

I am a traveller. My suitcase is in frequent use, my SAS app usually has registered reservations and I am always taking notes of where and what to see. I love “going places” and experiencing new things, but sometimes a thought of actually getting there is taking away my enthusiasm. There are some things that I cannot influence and need to accept the way there are, while other I can, so whatever the destination, I try to make every travel into a good experience, so getting from A to B is a beginning of an adventure, not a dreadful necessity. But how to make it happen and bring some first class experience into your travelling:

– Don’t leave preparations for the last minute when your boarding card pops on a phone screen, prepare in advance and avoid rush, stress does not enhance any experience, travelling included.

– Frequent traveller? why not make a list of your travel essentials to keep it for reference every time you pack your suitcase.

– When travelling by plane, I am all for having one extra hour for a peace of mind and unpredicted delays, best case you will not miss your flight, worse case you have a cup of coffee or indulge in airport shopping.

– Since I am no fan of aeroplane food, for short travels I always have in my hand luggage a bottle of still mineral water, a pocket size pack of nuts and nut-fruit bar like Eat Raw and Eat Natural or a small bar of dark chocolate, this way I know what I eat and won’t arrive with an upset stomach. For long distance, I usually opt for vegetarian version of in flight meal plus same snack as for shorter flight.

– In my carry on there is always enough space for Bose Quiet Comfort headphones, iPod, lightweight wool shawl that doubles as a blanket and a book or Kindle, with those I create my personal space that makes all travels much more comfortable. Big sunglasses, a moisturising mist and a lipstick plus a hand cream and wet wipes are favourites for long haul or travel by train.

– When purchasing beauty products, I always ask for samples that I use when travelling, being away from home I avoid any experiments when it comes to face care, my sensitive skin reacts even to water change and I had some unpleasant experiences when staying in major cities offering poor quality running water.

– The best beauty advice for a traveller that I heard was about packing a red lipstick and a hat, red lips will add elegance and character to an otherwise simple make up, while hat deals with “holiday” hair.

– For a flight or train travel, I dress comfortably, but never sloppy. I usually wear flat leather loafers or white sneakers, classic blue jeans and a white cotton shirt. You may ask why make an effort, I ask why not make it? Personally I would rather drop dead than show up at the boarding call wearing Havaianas and sweatpants, guess you see my point.

To close, a final comment on demeanour. Nowadays travelling became available and lost most of it’s old glamour. It is so common, that some passengers leave their manners behind and forget that like in every other social situation, a certain decorum is expected at all altitudes. An image of a half conscious man, who obviously had too much to drink and was parading around departure hall at Schiphol airport with a cow bell on his neck will stay with me for years to come. Why not set a good example and inspire others with class and good manners, not only when arriving at destination, but from the moment you lock the door and set off?


Warsaw Travel Diary. Part II.

Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_4

When visiting Warsaw, like in any other capital, the number of options can be a little overwhelming and it is easy to miss the best. I decided to make my own “places to be” list, to sum up my recent adventure. The list is not final as I have another ticket to Warsaw booked for the end of August with a solid plan to explore even more.

Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_8

Place To Be – Gourmet

– Charlotte – inspired by French bistros, Charlotte is the perfect place for breakfast and lunch, the smell of fresh bread is the best aroma in the early morning and if you combine it with a cup of coffee, a wakeup call is complete;

– Odette Tea Room – a pleasant little getaway with a friendly service, aromatic teas and pasties that make your head spin – beautifully decorated and rich in decadent flavours, a must for all with a capricious sweet tooth;

– Zorza Bistro – with many healthy and imaginative positions on the menu, Zorza Bistro is a perfect place for dinner or ,thanks to long opening hours, a wholesome breakfast, tasteful interior and friendly service offer the final finishing touch;

– Palmier – door to door with Zorza, this place shares an elegant interior design and a cosmopolitan buzz, by day a refined eatery, by night a bustling social scene with tasty drinks and bartenders catering to special orders;

Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_2

Place To Be – Art

– Krolikarnia – small and intimate exhibition space housed in a beautiful building, hosting curated collections and interesting events;

– Zacheta – yet another magnificent building dedicated to exhibitions of contemporary art;

– CSW Zamek Ujazdowski – home to contemporary art, thought provoking exhibitions in the serene surrounding among green trees and in the proximity of Lazienkowski Park;

Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_5Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_6Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_7Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_3Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_9Warsaw Travel Diary Part 2_1


Warsaw Travel Diary. Part I.

Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_4

I wasn’t very generous writing about Warsaw in my previous Warsaw Travel Diary. Perhaps it was a state of mind, the weather or more attention that I paid to my surroundings, but this time I finally found it’s charm and beauty, walking around with my head high up, looking at building facades, beautiful details and elegant architecture. Before my departure I made a thorough research based on which I selected and later on visited amazing art exhibitions, great eateries and places to enjoy an evening drink at. There is much to see and experience in the capital of Poland, Warsaw already became an international city and a fashionable destination.

Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_2Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_5Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_3Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_1Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_8Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_6Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_7Warsaw Travel Diary Part 1_9

LifeStyle Mix. July.

LifeStyle Mix July_2

July came and went so fast, with long awaited travel to Poland which was my personal highlight of the month. I had the most wonderful time in Warsaw, visiting galleries, admiring architecture and enjoying the local gourmet scene. It wasn’t my first nor the last visit in Warsaw, but after this travel I feel like I really made friends with the capital of Poland. Summer graced us with good weather, perhaps not all the time, but often enough to enjoy the season. Now, morning chill of August reminds that we are heading towards autumn, bit too soon perhaps, but c’est la vie.

LifeStyle Mix July_1LifeStyle Mix July_3

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