How Perfectly Boring!

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Looking at the September fashion hubbub, I cannot help but think that most designers are acting like a dog chasing its own tail, running in circles and having no clue whatsoever. To me most trends are at best refreshing better times (and better designs) or at worst failing to bring anything that is meaningful, much less wearable. Where is charm? how about elegance? who sent away allure and femininity? And on top of all this, why is nobody saying it aloud?

Perhaps because they all have one and single purpose – to make you buy more things you don’t need and cannot afford, or can afford all too easily, only to dispose them before you even cut off the price tag. Even if fashion magazine editors say things in favour of moderation and mindful consumption, they still promote trends, in and out pieces and seasonable variations or colours, patterns and textures. This is confusing and to a less conscious reader the message still stays the same – the more you buy, the more successful and happy you shall be. The reality is quite different, because mindless and excessive consumption can lead to debts and serious financial trouble. Do I repeat myself? sure I do, but I really believe this message should be repeated once in a while.

You will not find me chasing after this seasons “it” colour or accessory, I will not spend my salary on ugly designer shoes, and yes, I will look boring on most occasions, but oh how perfectly boring! I do not need to prove to anyone that I know and follow, because in fact I follow less and less. With my personal style I would rather prove that I set quality first, respect the environment and value the money, not wasting them on disposable fast fashion. I still shop, but so much less and usually with consciousness and planning. This season I added some Filippa K. pieces into my closet, which I plan to enjoy for years to come, but nothing too flashy or too visible, because they blend into the rest of my wardrobe so well, making a long term investment, not a seasonal splurge. So if I hear that I look boring, I will take it as a complement, as long as I know this is the perfect boring that I aspire for. Wish you all a boring season!