KORRES. Everyday Organic Beauty from Greece.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


The more organic I get in selection of food and beauty products, the better I feel and look, but all good things do not come for free and if you think about going organic, it is not easy to do so without a decent budget. But not all has to be out of reach, it is still possible to find affordable beauty products that are up to highest standards and produced of quality, certified ingredients.

KORRES is an organic beauty brand established in 1996 in Greece, with roots in pharmacy and homeopathy, backed by a good lab research. KORRES philosophy is about making everyday beauty products based on natural, certified organic ingredients and offering them at an affordable price, in aesthetically pleasing packaging that gives a full information about each product. From 1999 started international expansion of the brand which is now globally recognised and available worldwide, with many KORRES outposts and in collaboration with department stores. KORRES brand takes pride in tradition, making a wood-fired kettle Rakokazano used in the traditional extraction process into a logo appearing on an every product.

KORRES products are easily available in Norway, I had seen them many times on pharmacy shelves, but I never took a closer look and I probably would keep on dismissing them for all the wrong reasons, if not for a jasmine body butter that I used when visiting a friend. I loved the texture, the smell and the way it worked on my skin, so I got curious and for the first time really noticed the brand, did some research and made my first KORRES purchase. So far I am very happy with products that I have selected and I very well may continue to use them as a good, but more affordable alternative to Australian brands that were my favourites up till now.