From the Bookshelf. “The Curated Closet.” by Anuschka Rees.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


I wish I could buy “The Curated Closet” book fifteen years ago when my more grown up adventure with clothes began. It would help me to avoid numerous mistakes, frustrations and unnecessary expenses. However, late is always better than never.

“The Curated Closet” is a step further that the author took after several years of writing a popular blog titled “Into Mind”. If there ever was to be a scientific method into organising and maintaining a well curated wardrobe, Anuschka Rees is heading that direction. Yes, you read well, a science of putting garments together, making them whole and in the process becoming a representation of personal style and individual aesthetics. In the abundance of choice, mass media feed and passing fashions, one needs to have a method to go through this madness without loosing focus and being overwhelmed by countless options. “The Curated Closet” is in a way a workbook filled with practical, down to earth advice and exercises leading the reader towards the ultimate goal of building a wardrobe that is functional, in tune with individual preferences and lifestyle, based on a solid foundation of quality garments that are meant to last for several seasons.

So there you have it, with “The Curated Closet” you can forget about fast fashion and impulsive purchases, but instead focus on being selective and demanding in your choices, never settling for anything less than perfect to be a welcomed addition to your well thought through and carefully curated wardrobe.