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Month: December, 2016

Happy New Year 2017.


I am sending you best New Year’s greetings with a sincere hope that 2017 will be a year of fulfilled plans, wonderful adventures, dreams coming true, great adventures, much love and happiness.


Wool and Scandinavian Aesthetics. Elvang.


When living in a cold climate, wool quickly becomes one of your best friends. In the morning you tie a big thick scarf that doubles as a throw during the work day, in the evening you sit wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket, drinking tea and enjoying a movie or a book. Personally I live in wool and wear it year round, but in the winter time it is an absolute must.

Elvang is a Danish brand leaning towards simple, Scandinavian aesthetics with a strong focus on quality and integrity. Established by Lasse and Tina Elvang who having returned home from a trip to Peru were inspired by the luxury and quality of alpaca wool aimed to combine its best qualities with Scandinavian design. The idea proved to be successful and Elvang brand is now well established, offering a wide range of merchandise. Their products are beautifully crafted and made with respect towards animals and nature, made to last and serve you for seasons to come.



Christmas Greetings.


This December I wish that we all have some more peace of mind, leaving behind worries and problems, being present in the moment and enjoying simple pleasures in life rather than material things. After all Christmas is about togetherness and selflessness, it is about sharing what we can and giving what is most valuable – our attention, a smile, a good word and a time to really listen to those around you. Be there for your family and friends, on a Christmas Day and every other day of the year. Merry Christmas, may it be a memorable one.

From the Bookshelf. “all in good taste” by kate spade new york.


I bought “all in good taste” with the intention of bringing more entertainment into my new home and in the process, doing so with more grace and imagination. And I sure can tell you, Kate Spade Team knows good entertainment and is not afraid to share their secrets, ideas, past experiences and recipes.

“all in good taste” is a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation that goes beyond hosting social gatherings, touching on good manners, style and interior decoration. Sure, some ideas are a little over the top and not achievable if you do not live in a palazzo, but many are positively down to earth and possible to follow even with a limited space and on a budget. So by all means, if you would like to revamp your approach to socialising and receiving guests, this book is a must.

On My Christmas WishList.

With each December making a Christmas wishlist becomes something of a challenge, because there are less and less needs, and more and more wants. So what do I wish for this Christmas? Many relaxing pajama mornings and slow evenings in the candle light, travels and happy memories, warm blankets, beautiful perfumes and some inspiration from Mademoiselle Chanel.

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That Winter Melancholy… Filippa K.


A Scandinavian winter often evokes a certain sense of melancholy, with cold days wrapped in shades of gray, early twilights and an overpowering darkness. This lookbook by Filippa K. perfectly captured a moment of absentminded longing in an afternoon light, when dressed in soft textures and comforting cozy wools one can give into the winter mood.



LifeStyle Mix. November.


I cannot remember the last time when I got as ill as I did this November. If you followed my Instagram account, you might have noticed it was pretty much all indoors, so now you understand why. Fortunately enough I welcomed December fully recovered and enthusiastic about the upcoming Christmas celebration. And yes, there are still 23 windows to be opened on my advent calendar, but why not start a little bit earlier this year and bring some Christmas magic into every day of December? There is too much darkness in the world, so let us bring the light to illuminate this winter gloom and make the spirits bright.

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