Wool and Scandinavian Aesthetics. Elvang.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


When living in a cold climate, wool quickly becomes one of your best friends. In the morning you tie a big thick scarf that doubles as a throw during the work day, in the evening you sit wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket, drinking tea and enjoying a movie or a book. Personally I live in wool and wear it year round, but in the winter time it is an absolute must.

Elvang is a Danish brand leaning towards simple, Scandinavian aesthetics with a strong focus on quality and integrity. Established by Lasse and Tina Elvang who having returned home from a trip to Peru were inspired by the luxury and quality of alpaca wool aimed to combine its best qualities with Scandinavian design. The idea proved to be successful and Elvang brand is now well established, offering a wide range of merchandise. Their products are beautifully crafted and made with respect towards animals and nature, made to last and serve you for seasons to come.


Photos: elvang-denmark.dk