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Month: January, 2017

LifeStyle Mix. January.


Time flies, can it really be the last day on January? I think so, because when I left the office earlier today I could still see the setting sun, a sure sign that we are moving towards the brighter and warmer season.

There were no travels to mention in January, but I made an effort to be more “out and about”, meet friends and go places. I also did some shopping and used sales as an opportunity to fill gaps in my wardrobe. Staying true to my new year resolution, I began to write a journal, yet there is a big room for improvement when it comes to making it my daily routine. There are also things I did not do in January like go skiing, resume regular training sessions, catch up with an ever growing stock of magazines waiting to be read… Fingers crossed for February, I will try my best to fit it all into those 28 days to come.


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In Between Seasons. Emerson Fry.


Nowadays I keep on longing to the summer, to sunshine and colours, singing birds and flowers. Winter is my least favourite season, especially if like now it is grey, dark and overwhelming. I look forward to days of early spiring, when a warm breeze brings a promise of better days, when waking up early in the morning is a pleasure, not a challenge. Season change can be a real adventure, also when it comes to fashion choices. I love recent looks from Emerson Fry – simple, classy and effortless. The best inspiration for an early spring, when mind is wandering and daydreaming, encouraged by rays of sun and smell of first flowers.



In Slow Motion… Filippa K.


Clean and simple, essential and unpretentious, slow, relaxed… Like in Filippa K. lookbook, Scandinavian aesthetic at their best.



From the Bookshelf. “Deluxe. How luxury lost its lustre.” by Dana Thomas.


Having read “Deluxe. How luxury lost its lustre.” I lost all desire to purchase LV handbag, a thought I was entertaining for some years. Why did I want it in the first place? Because I perceived is as classy and timeless, something that Audrey Hepburn travelled with, an item with history and heritage. But why did I change my mind? Thanks to this eye opening lecture that is a real lesson in luxury retail.

Luxury lost its lustre and there is very little we can do about it. Luxury became something that is designed to be produced fast and sold even faster, without the romantic vision of a high fashion made to last for seasons to come. Forget about the true European craftsmanship, dedication to detail, understated elegance and bespoke customer service. Instead think of mass production in China, inferior quality, cutting corners, outlets and fake copies. Except for a few selected manufacturers that stayed true to their heritage, it is no longer about a unique approach to the product, but about saturating the market with as many identical copies as possible. Sadly enough, most customers will never go back to the glamour of old days, when every shopping trip was a real experience, when things were made to measure, beautifully crafted and designed to last and if there were any visible names or monograms, they would be the discreet initials of the owner.

Having said all this, I truly recommend “Deluxe.” for being an insightful, well researched and honest reading.

LifeStyle Mix. 2016.


As I well predicted a year back, 2016 was a challenging year with events that proved to be both trying and unexpected, but I hope all this made me stronger and helped to understand better what matters most in life, not material possessions, but people and time dedicated to them, and yes, once in a  while an adventure with a chance to change scenery is a welcomed addition.

2016 was a year when I finally settled into my new home and made the best of it, taking the opportunity to let go of things, getting the final proof that I am much more content with less rather than with more. This knowledge guided me on many occasions and helped to avoid some missteps on a way. As an enthusiastic adept of “less but better” approach I did not stop at that, actively searching for continuous inspiration and thought provoking lectures. I am quite sure that this quest will continue into 2017, but hopefully this year is a year when I can motivate those around me to take a challenge and make a change.

I really hope that 2017 will be a good and peaceful year, not a turbulent one. Personally I would welcome a small change with more good news and happy discoveries in the months to come. Fingers crossed!


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LifeStyle Mix. December.


Every December it feels as if time runs faster, accelerating towards the Christmas celebration. Despite my very best intentions not to give into the rush, I wasn’t able to balance it well enough and on some days my stress barometer was scoring quite high, but when the day of a Christmas Eve came, it all fall into place and was well worth the effort. I hope that your December was magical and left you with some happy memories, just like mine did.


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