From the Bookshelf. “Deluxe. How luxury lost its lustre.” by Dana Thomas.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


Having read “Deluxe. How luxury lost its lustre.” I lost all desire to purchase LV handbag, a thought I was entertaining for some years. Why did I want it in the first place? Because I perceived is as classy and timeless, something that Audrey Hepburn travelled with, an item with history and heritage. But why did I change my mind? Thanks to this eye opening lecture that is a real lesson in luxury retail.

Luxury lost its lustre and there is very little we can do about it. Luxury became something that is designed to be produced fast and sold even faster, without the romantic vision of a high fashion made to last for seasons to come. Forget about the true European craftsmanship, dedication to detail, understated elegance and bespoke customer service. Instead think of mass production in China, inferior quality, cutting corners, outlets and fake copies. Except for a few selected manufacturers that stayed true to their heritage, it is no longer about a unique approach to the product, but about saturating the market with as many identical copies as possible. Sadly enough, most customers will never go back to the glamour of old days, when every shopping trip was a real experience, when things were made to measure, beautifully crafted and designed to last and if there were any visible names or monograms, they would be the discreet initials of the owner.

Having said all this, I truly recommend “Deluxe.” for being an insightful, well researched and honest reading.