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Month: February, 2017

From the Bookshelf. “Model Woman. Eileen Ford and the business of beauty” by Robert Lacey.


Eileen Ford created her own profession by opening a modelling agency. She was a self made woman who followed her extraordinary sense of time and never took a step back from a career that she chose for herself. “Model Woman” by Robert Lacey is a biography that presents a multidimensional image of Mrs. Ford, that in many aspects was bitter sweet. Apart from reading about an interesting and inspiring persona, the book offers an insight into a birth of a modern day modelling and an evolution of a profession,that led from anonymous photo-models to international super stars. An interesting reading for all who would like to know a little bit more on the subject.


Golden Hour. Rodebjer.


I prefer lookbooks to catwalk photography, because a lookbook goes beyond fashion, it is a mood, an atmosphere and quite often a story told with images. I liked the SS 2017 Rodebjer lookbook and even though their designs are not necessarily my style, I appreciated the images filled with light and shade, golden hour glow and poetic melancholy.



How to Hygge?


In Scandinavia “hygge” is a short, but a very meaningful word. Recent publications focusing on the concept as well as a global fascination with the Danish model, where society scores the highest on happiness, made it better known in other parts of the world. What is hygge? Hygge is a state of mind, a blissful comfort and happiness that one derives from being safe, content and surrounded by a pleasant environment. Hygge can be a lazy evening with a good book and a cup of tea in a favourite armchair, hygge is lying in bed and watching a cat sleeping next to you, hygge is a slow evening by the log fire together with a beloved one enjoying a good wine and a relaxed conversation. Does this sound familiar? I certainly hope so, and now you know how to call those moments. They are hygge.

Living in a cold climate, surrounded by darkness and harsh weather, bringing hygge home is the only way to make it through the winter and accumulate enough energy over the summer months. A beginner tool box to hygge could include candles, hot drinks (cocoa among others), woollen blankets, lamps giving soft light, log fire and an invitation to join for family and friends. Hygge can be a social and it can very well be an event to enjoy solo.

Why hygge? Because it brings us close together proving that simple pleasures and slow life have great value. It is going back to basic values – family, home, community, being lazy without the feeling of guilt. I still recall my childhood hygge, when together with my brother we watched how the Saturday cake is baking in the oven, smiling in anticipation of what was to come next – a joyful family evening with a movie, pillows, mismatching blankets and a slice of a warm cake.These moments are so important, because they cement the family, create happy memories and are a remedy to a stressful everydayness. Do try it at home and make hygge your own key word.