The Things We Do For Show…

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts


The other day I spoke with a friend who happens to live in a posh area. She told me that in her neighbourhood it is frowned upon to carry a shopping bag from a budget grocery store. We had a good laugh, but it got me thinking about the things we do for show.

No other field is more prone to a public show off than fashion. It handbags, logos, belts, labels… Do they really enhance an outfit making it more unique? Will all this ostentation make one seem more interesting, valuable or special? I don’t think so. I would call it a poor man’s luxury – making sure that all can see what one wears, but at a closer look you realise that all those logos and symbols are embellishing only the bottom line models that are meant for aspiring customers. Aspiring customers who are focused on presenting status, often newly acquired, and depths of own pockets, recently expanded. What does this have to do with a real class and style? Very little if nothing at all, but this is what loud and visible brads want us to believe in. The flashier the better. And no wonder, this is what they make most money from, bottom line items available on ground floors of flagship stores, displayed for those who long for logos. There is much to be said about the psychology of this, but let’s leave the subject for now.

The true luxury is discreet, understated and comes without a flashy branding. Think about elegant people with impeccable taste and sense of style that you admire. They will not flash logos and try to make you think about the price of their outfit, on the contrary, you may never guess how expensive it really was. Perhaps if you really knew, it would shock you. What you probably notice is the quality of fabrics, perfect cut or that precious outstanding detail, like a piece of jewellery, wristwatch or a handbag, and even without recognising a brand you will instantly know that this is the true luxury. I am not against logos as such, this would be hypocritical, but I prefer a single and refined mentioning of a brand from a big one that steals the spotlight. Not to mention that nowadays logos are difficult to avoid, especially on leather goods, but the more classic the piece, the more discreet the brand display will be.