Tuscany Travel Diary. Part II.

by Cashmere Wrap & Macadamia Nuts

Tuscany Travel Diary Part 2_8

I went to Italy on several occasions and every time it makes me think what makes this county a great holiday destination. Perhaps it is the culture, fashion, coffee, architecture, food, language… or the overall la dolce vita feel that I get whenever in Italy. I like people watching, which in fact can be very inspirational, especially when combined with a cup of cappuccino and a cannoli or some other delicious treat.

Italians have a sense of style that is exciting, unconventional and even though quite often outfits seen on Italian streets are not something I would ever dare to wear, I can still appreciate the creativity and its uniqueness. There is something very alluring about the true passion for living so visible in Italy, it is almost like a theatre – affectionate hugs and kisses, fights of lovers, street arguments, unexpected laughter. There is plenty to experience, see and discover in Italy, best to do it with an open mind and not too seriously, because it may spoil all the fun.

I hope to return to beautiful Tuscany one day that is not too far away from today, but before that happens, I wanted to share some more pictures from my recent adventure.

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